Igbo politicians must pay attention to the needs of their people!

The just concluded Anambra election debate has thrown up quite a lot of consigns and controversies.

Firstly, it is worrying that with all the educational qualifications, being attributed to these candidates was not made manifest in their individual abilities to convey their messages to the people. One may wonder, why it is difficult for the same individuals to properly express themselves in the same language that they earned the projected educational qualifications with.

How then are they expected to be able to negotiate and convey the needs of their people to international investors for that matter or represent the people they govern convincingly!

It is true as alleged, that politicians of Igbo decent in the last 20 years have failed their people woefully. They have shown their insensitivity to the collective suffering of ndi Igbo and the continued decline of ndi Igbo participating in the central hub of power in the Nigeria project.

There have been no government in Nigeria in my life time that have shown this level of hate for ndi Igbo as the current APC lead government of Buhari! The least that these set of politicians of Igbo decent could do for the people they claim to represent, could have been to stand up to this administration against its deliberate exclusion of Ndi Igbo from influential positions in the country and the increased marginalisation of the same. This current administration of Buhari have ordered more killings of Igbo people than any other since the end of the civil war in Nigeria.

Politicians from all parts of the country except for the southeast have been critical of the level of nepotism of Buhari’s administration and his pattern of using deodorant when his Hausa people are involved and insecticide when even less is done by others especially to ndi Igbo.

Recently Lawal (SGF) and Oke was sacked (NIA) and Buhari in his caracther is gearing to conscentrate on oke to chastise him using the EFCC and probably spray deodarant on Lawal as he did to Alex egwueme during shagari and others and continued to do so. But the Afenifere stood up because a Yoruba man was involved to defend him. But some igbos and igbo politicians are so self centered that they are obliviouse to these politice playing out in the nigeria of today.



This is a government that have NEVER condemned the killings and devastation caused around the country by the FULANI HERDSMEN. The same government of Buhari have rejected the international proscription of FULANI HERDSMEN as the world’s 4th most dangerous terrorist organisation. The same government have failed to arrest the AREAW group for their violation of the core Nigerian constitution by threaten to kill Igbo’s in the north and seizing their properties which amounts to treasonable felony! To make matters worse, the same AREWA group dared the Buhari’s government and the Nigerian law enforcement agency to try arresting them.

Truth to their words, not even Buhari and his python dancing soldiers could do anything to these individuals till date and these guys are walking about the country as free people. Not even the so-called media outlets in Nigeria are asking questions on this serious matter of gross act of pick and choose who to chastise based on their ethnic origin!

In like manner, IPOB, a none armed group was proscribed as a terrorist organisation with no single attribute of terrorist, even the USA embassy distanced themselves from that stupid act and so did the British and other civilised countries around the world. But Nigerians celebrated and continued rejoicing over the life and blood of every Igbo man or woman that this Buhari administration shades.

If you are still wondering why the youths in Igbo land are saying no election in their land and the reason they have no trust in the said politicians, then, here you have it. Most Nigerians are hungry as such all they think about is money and food and these politicians knows these. You cannot fight for freedom and human right when you have no food in you. The Igbos are the only ethnic group in Nigeria that are self-sufficient and not reliant on government to survive in the Nigeria of today. Hence, they can afford to close their businesses as they wish and make their demands of the state. The others are mostly government workers, so their means of livelihood will stop as soon as government is interrupted.

This is not to imply that one ethnicity is better than the other but simply stating the order of things in Nigeria. These other ethnicities are aware of the situation but will rather not get involved if they are not directly targeted, which is a big problem for a country of many nationalities like Nigeria.

These are some of the reasons people of Igbo decent that are fed up of these injustices are taking the position of exclusion from anything Nigeria including no trust for their politicians whom they are accusing of joining the Buhari government against them for selfish interests.

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