This is exactly what is happening in Nigeria to Ndi Igbo under Buhari APC government

This is institutional descrimination,the marginalisation of a people! IPOB is facing exactly the same thing with the Buhari administration

 I found this very short but interesting Video, the contents are powerful, amazing and underscores how important it is, that in a multi ethnic and multi-national country all stake holders must be duly represented at all levels, having diverse ethnic representation within the security council is very important. The black woman in this video was able to identify a systematic biased intended against black people by the FBI and the police and she questioned that document vehemently.

This is exactly what it felt like when Buhari sent his soldiers to south east region to kill innocent and armless young men and women. While nothing was done to the AREWA youths and the FULANI HERDSMEN terrorist group in the North.

The Igbos had no representation in army and security council who could challenge the decision to waste the lives that where wasted by the Nigerian army.

Most Nigerians are not exposed enough to understand what systematic marginalisation and deprivation means. That is exactly what the Igbos are experiencing under this APC Buhari lead government!

So, if you are a Nigerian and you are still not able to understand what this administration is doing then for God’s sake go get yourself some more education. If you are Igbo and you have access to any of your any of the Igbo politicians, please forward this video to them. It is time to drop all these so called politicians of Igbo extraction and substitute them with people that will defend the collective interest of Ndi Igbo

Just watch this video


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