Nigeria may not have a future after all!

To be or not to be for Nigeria?

These generation of Nigerian youths, may in fact be judged to be cowardice and less forward thinking in the history of the country. They are appear to be clueless, in regards to who they should elect to the position of leadership. Unfortunately, these are but some of the characteristics that have kept them away from the reality of what is truly happening in the country. An average Nigerian, does not understand that they do have a right as citizens, which accords them the right to demand of the politicians the type of treatment that they best deserve.

The politicians have managed to use the law enforcement agencies as tools of intimidation and brutality to instill fear on citizens, as a result, they are constantly reminded of the possibility of being  harassed, detained or even killed, in an effort to keep them quiet!

The said youths have no idea of the future that awaits them, in 2018 while the whole world is investing in technological advancement and in human capital. The Nigerian government in less than 3 years have invested over $3 billion in search of oil in northern Nigeria. The federal government appear to be investing in animal husbandry, as such that so much money effort and time is being spent to protect herders of Fulani extract.

Most western countries are proposing to get reed of patrol and diesel vehicles by introducing  more electric cars by the end of the decade and beyond to decrease their oil dependency and fuel demand. They are investing heavily on R&D for alternative energy sources including cleaner car for less polluted environment. In the light of all these, the elected president of Nigeria still believe that wasting public fund in search of oil in the northern states could help Nigeria stay in tune and competitive in a fast changing world. he may also be of the view that such waste may help bring about equilibrium between Northern part of the Nigeria with the south.

But the Nigerians in the 2015 election favoured the uneducated president whom was alleged not to have provided the basic required education certificate for the office of the president and probably too old to understand technological advancements of today. His presidency is alleged to have been clouded with nepotism, favouritism and policies that favour the northern part of the country. These are also manifested in his government appointments so far made in his 3 years in office. His responses to issues that affects the north and how he treats groups and individuals that are of the Hausa/Fulani origin is another evidence of how discriminating the current president is alleged to be. Is it not ironic that despite all these evidences, the same youths whose futures are being jeopardised are applauding and praising the same people that are destroying their future?

One would expect Nigerians, especially the youths to stand up and revolt against these repulsive acts of selfish and self-driven motives, which has set the country back instead of moving the country forward. The $3 billion dollar that have so far been wasted by this APC Buhari’s lead government in search of oil in the North. The alleged unnecessary expenditure shows the level of desperation of the Buhari government and his objective to concentrate his efforts on northern Nigeria, even at a time when his government have plummeted the country into recession. This development is an obvious indication that most Nigeria are better said to be gullible and not in tune to the approach of Buhari’s government. Especially those of them from the north and south west, who simply dance to the beats of their political god fathers!

Most youths of the south-eastern region could be exonerated from the said gullibility because unlike their counter parts from the southwest and the north, they have in a very strong term expressed their disapproval of the Buhari’s government and the structure of Nigeria as a country in its totality.

The same government is getting the praise from mostly youths from the north and the southwest, how else do you define a clueless generation, if not by the choices they make and the positions they take in their society. When In a society, you have those that are supposed to be the next generation supporting a government that is seriously engaged in destroying their future. Men and women that will not be alive in 20-30 years to face the consequences of the decisions they are making today.

That should worry any right-thinking person, how can a whole generation have this level of misplaced priority. The politicians are stealing from them, so also is the religious leaders and those that are being stolen from are languishing in a state of perpetual ignorance and frustrating every attempt by people whom have dared to challenge the powers that be to free them of their mental slavery.

Nigerians may kill every Savior that may ever be sent to deliver them out of their predicament. However, they will rather wait for God to come down to make a way for them in person!

what just happened in Ekiti state is just a taste of what is to come in 2019, may Nigerians wake up early enough to save them selves from the wrath that is to come by voting out both the APC and PDP. None of these two party’s have good intention for Nigeria and Buahri will not relinquish power like his predecessor

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  • The youths are ill equipped, they need redemption. one of the reasons the northern military leaders killed education was to paralyze the south so that every body will stand still waiting for the north to catch up. If Buhari can rule Nigeria without a school certificate, why should an average northerner value education.

    • You are so on point, it is in the hand of the youths to take the country back from the cabals. But because they are not equipped to do so hence I am of the opinion that Nigeria may not have a future after all!

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