Sam Kuteesa is allegedly corrupt!

The prognoses of corruption have been making its round all over African countries and it appears to have rested on the shoulders of this Uganda Foreign Affairs minister to defend himself from the alligation.

Last week we woke up to news that Uganda Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kuteesa, with the help of his wife Edith Gasana, allegedly solicited the $500,000 bribe from Chinese investors, according to the complaint sworn before a US Magistrate Kevin Fox by Thomas McNulty, a Special Agent with Federal Bureau of Investigation, on November 16, 2017 following the arrest of Chi Ping Patrick Ho, Hong Kongs former Home Secretary, and Cheikh Gadio, a once foreign minister of Senegal over bribery allegations.

Apparently, it all started in October 2014,when Chi Ping Patrick Ho met Sam Kuteesa who had just began his term of office as president of the UN General Assembly. During his tenure, Ho and Kuteesa discussed strategic partnerships between Uganda and a Chinese energy company for various business ventures to take shape once Kuteesa completed his term. He appointed Mr Ho as his advisor to facilitate their meetings without raising suspicion. Although investigations are ongoing and nothing has been proven yet beyond reasonable doubt, a person of Kuteesas calibre being mentioned in a corruption scandal is damaging enough to his international political career (at home we dont mind, we might even elevate him to vice president ) and Uganda as a nation.

This is not the first time that public officials are embroiled in corruption scandals. I have lost count of the number of times public officials have been found guilty of soliciting and taking bribes and have been let off the hook with a few days in jail. They do not even return the stolen loots or the wealth they have acquired by dubious means! Some even go on to get promotions after the Temangalo land scandal in which Amama Mbabazi was one of the names thrown around, he went on to be named prime minister of Uganda! In another country with morals, only an accusation is enough for one to step down from public office.

We were raised to look at the elders in our homes and society as role models, example for us to follow in order to stay along the beaten path of morals and good behaviour. My father and mother set excellent examples of the kind of people I and my siblings should strive to be. In the same way, people in any form of leadership positon are expected to be an example to the folk they lead. So I wonder, when these exposed corrupt officials return to their homes, do they still weld the moral authority to correct their children when they are straying from the beaten path?

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