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Where is ohanaeze ndi igbo and the restructuring of Nigeria they promised ?

Anambra Election 2017 ofe nsala day?

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The none negotiable unity of Nigeria that Buhari’s government is bent on protecting!

Femi Adesina have been selling Buhari’s biased appointments as unbiased to the Nigerian public; After 3 years of propaganda government, Buhari and his APC lead government are ready to play mumbo jumbo with gullible Nigerians into voting for them as they continue to blame the past government for their inability to achieve anything as a government other than to appoint

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What is going on in Nigerian politics?

Is this a spell or just naivity  In 2015, the then opposition party APC zoned their presidential candidate to the north, with a south westerner as his Vice. Today in 2017, in preparation for the next general election, the only opposing political party in the country (PDP) have also zoned their 2019 presidential candidate to come from the north. The

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