Are you Still tithing for pastors to buy private jets?

Nigerians and their religious sentiment, against all evidences available on the issue of tithes and the materialistic pastors! 


Nigeria as a society has been proven to be a society of hearsay, a none evidential and none factual believing people. Nigeria do not need find facts neither do they have time to investigate issues before believing or subscribing to such. All needs to be is that its connected somehow to their religious or ethnic norms and they will follow you like Zombies! The politicians have held Nigerians hostage as a result and so have the many self-acclaimed pastors all over the country.

It has been noted that in some marriages are having difficulties because some women are being directed by their pastors as to how to relate to their husbands and vice versa!  But the reality is that when you have a people that are not bothered to check facts or think critically then deception and progression becomes a very hard to achieve matter. The issue of tithing has been ongoing in the country for a while and it has been a big eye opener to read how Nigerians are responding to the facts and evidences that are put before them. In most cases you will not find not a single person that will support their argument with any type of facts but sentiments and more sentiments. It appears though that these religious followers have be hypnotised as such any evidence put before them is dead on arrival because they lack the capacity to use their minds and brains to understand that they are mostly following blindly.

This is another perspective to educate  Nigerians on tithing

Malachi 3 verse 10 is the bases of the tithe as most Nigerian “Christians” claim. I believe in tithing, but the bible says we should tithe so that there will be “meat” (food) in his store house! You also need to go back to v5 of the same Malachi you could see that God was talking to the children of Israel of how they have forsaken the weak vulnerable and poor among them and how he was going to judge them for that. Then further down in verse 10 he said bring in the tithes so that there will be food in the store house. If put that into context you will note that God was upset with them because the have forsaken the poor, weak and the widows amongst them so he asked that they should tithe so that those individuals in verse 5 can be feed and not forsaken! But what is happening today in Nigerian churches is simply the opposite, bear in mind that the church in the old testament was none denominational and directed to the Israelites at that time. It was because of them forsaken the vulnerable and the poor and that those that have been dedicated as priests would feed from the tithes and offerings from the congregation!

This is completely the opposite of what is happening in the Nigerian churches today. You have so many self-acclaimed and self-ordained pastors whom their primary objective is to get rich and belong amongst the elites of the society. They preach prosperity and Gods protection, but they go around with heavy security convey apparatus! They live large, their wife and children live like kings and queens while their members languish in abject poverty and lack. It’s a business of numbers, the more members you have the more money is contributed to the said church on almost every church meetings and services. The people are told that you need to give before God will give back to you and when the people give the pastor gets private jets, build universities that the church members that are the contributors are not able to send their children to. How could anyone possibly justify that?

The way Nigerians reacted to the issue of tithing is no different from the way they react to what politicians do and continue to do to the common wealth of all Nigerians. Because they have been kept hungry and brutalized for so long by different politicians and military dictators. All an average Nigerian is thinking about is how to come out of poverty, how to get rich to come out of the perpetual poverty that they have been subjected to for so long. As a result, they are less concerned nor lack the mental capacity to ask questions when necessary and this state of mind is what the politicians are still using to keep them hostage and the so-called churches have also tapped into that gape.

Like Nnamdi Kanu, Daddy freeze is only out to help Nigerians to wake up to the reality of their predicament. He has given them facts and figures while those that are critical of him have not produced any evidence based counter argument to prove their own claims, but empty words full of sentiments. But as always, Nigerians will always turn against those that genuinely want to help them due to their ignorance and wrong attitudes. It is sad to say, but with this level of ignorance in the counry,you really cannot see anything that will drive change in the Nigerian society. True change will not fall from heaven, unless the people demand for it. But even in another hundred years based on the evidence of today and the foreseable future Nigeria may be worse than it is today if the same attitude is maintained by Nigerians! Nigerians must learn that the reason they and their country is backward is because the entire masses are still swiming in ignorance of unimaginable scale and the politicians and “pastors” are taking advantage of that to exploit them.

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