The most intelligent response and aticulated speech by an African president to the Europeans idea of aids handouts to Africa!

The Ghanaian President stood like a true leader with a vision who understands the needs of his people! Cudos to him.

What makes a man or a woman for that matter a leader of his/her people. Across Africa true leadership have continued to be the major problem of the Continent. The inability of those in the office of leadership to articulate the needs of their people and offer solutions to the said needs. May be the Nigerians should learn from the Ghanaians to elect men and women that are educated and qualified to lead them into the future! The problem However, is not just about those elected as leaders under democratic circumstances or those that forced their way into the position of leadership as military dictators. But the electorate in Africa are mostly uneducated, they lack the knowledge of how to choose their leaders and as such they are bullied and bribed into selling their future to these dubious politicians, who are simply wolves in ship disguise.

For most Africans, choosing their leaders is not something that a lot of thoughts is put into. Like in Nigeria, a country with so much educated people but have only managed to elect just one educated president in the past 3 decades. The electorates are paid for their votes meaning that in most cases the wrong person is elected as a leader because he was able to pay enough money to be voted for not because they are the right candidates.

The method of paying for vote works very well in Nigeria and most African countries because the masses are kept hungry and lack, as such they are easily manipulated to vote for the wrong candidate for as little as one-dollar cash bribe or food stuff. As soon as the politicians gets into office their primary objective will be to re-coup the money they spent in bribing the public during the election phase. The masses will turn around a few months down the line to complain about bad leaderships and things not getting done, but forgotten that they were paid to vote which means that the politicians owe them nothing!

Talking about the Ghanaian president and his eloquent response to the unfair treatment of Africa and African within the international community is commendable. it is also a welcome phenomenon, that at list one African leader is willing to confront the adversaries that continues to hinder the growth of Africa. The contents of his speech are not one that is not accidental. It went through thought processes before it was finally delivered to the right audience on the best stage that you can ever imagine.  This is the dividend of having an educated president who can eloquently deliver for his people on the big stages.

This is the second time a Ghanaian leader is getting my attention. The first was when a video was circulated online of the then Ghanaian president addressing custom officers in Ghana and rebuking them in the strongest term of their corrupt practices that is detrimental to his government and the image of Ghana as a country. It is not a surprise that Nigerians are moving over to Ghana to settle because it safer and more organised than Nigeria. Nigerians are known for their love for all good things in other people’s country but at the same time they forbid bringing those good things to be established in their own countries for the benefit of all citizens and stake holders.

The youths in Nigeria must learn, that for any change to happen in the country, it will not come from these set of politicians. It must be done by the youths themselves, by taking proactive actions that will change the status quo and the political landscape.

The popularly held believe, that God will one day impose on the country, a messiah as a leader that will suddenly turn things around is simply a fairy tale and will never happen! Every good thing is worth emulating and that is the attitude that Nigerians and youths in the African continent needs to adopt in other to move Africa forward to make it viable and attractive for today’s generation and those after them. Cudos to the ghanian president and to ghanians for electing a president worthy of 21 century presidential stage!

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