Could the Presidents leave of power,Subject Uganda to a weak and vulnerable country?



It has been said time and time again, and we know it for a fact that the current head of state of our Nation, Uganda, is responsible for the peace we enjoy today. Older fellows even argue that we are a blessed people and should do all it takes to make sure President Museveni doesn’t leave power lest we suffer the consequences.

Before the National Resistance Army (NRA) took over power in 1986, the country was a mess, a political playground controlled by the help of the Army and army alone, the people didn’t have a say in what went on and anyone who questioned the Governments, role/job would either go missing mysteriously or lose his life in a mysterious way.

The July 27, 1985, military coup that toppled president Milton Obote eased the National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels’ passage to Kampala. Six months after the fall of Obote, Gen Tito Okello and Bazilio Okello’s military commission led government was also toppled. After another two months, the whole country was in the hands of former rebels-turned national army led by Visionary, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Truth be told, not very good things are talked about Milton Obote, or Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, although it should be noted that they too contributed to the general development of Uganda rather on a snail’s back.

Fast forward:

Recently, the State Minister for Micro Finance, Haruna Kasolo, at a public ceremony said “We will suffer when Museveni leaves power but I don’t want to see that scenario happen to my country.” The Minister was equating Museveni’s leaving power to what happened to Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson retired. “Ask Manchester United supporters who always wanted Ferguson to leave their team. They always said he was old and one day he resigned. The following day every small team could beat Manchester United,” Kasolo said.

As you read this, Parliamentarians are debating the amendment of the Constitution which will see the removal of Age Limits, paving way for President Museveni to become a life president and also paving way for younger folks to stand for presidency in the coming years. The ruling party has a high chance of winning the debate as they are the majority in Parliament, however, is their claim ‘When Museveni leaves power, Ugandans will suffer,’ true or mere melancholy to ensure the old man stays in Power?

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