PDP’s Greatest Achievement 

Who controles the political landscape in the country?

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has achieved a lot in Nigeria since it’s formation in 1998 albeit negative things.
Apart from monumental corruption and destruction of whatever social institution that is left of Nigeria prior to it’s ascendance to power, PDP should be priding it’s self as the one who ingrained Money Politics into the Nigerian masses. This is the greatest of it’s achievements.

Before 1999  however, money has played a vital role in Nigerian  politics just like it does in every human society but the PDP upgraded the place of money in politics  and placed it on a level of adulation  that can  hold a society backwards even with increase in national income.

The ingraining of Money Politics into the psyche of the poor man is one of the major reasons Nigeria may not develop or advance. The PDP instituted a regime of sharing money to win elections from party structures to Geopolitical zones to State Governments, to local governments, constituencies, to Town Unions and the smallest unit of society.

In a country of Poor and hungry  majority, the masses was seductively enticed and induced into collecting  money for performing any civic duty and  or obligation ,Christians and muslins alike. It has since become part of our Socialization. That was when it became normal to see religions leaders that teach their members to “Collect the money and vote who you want. It is our money”  .The party’s slogan ‘Power to the People ‘informally became ‘Share the Money’

Over time this destructive anomaly became normal and government and governance in Nigeria became a money spinning venture where politicians bring out their money and share (Invest), then get into office to collect back what was shared in million folds depending on the money available in the public purse at his/her time of business. To retain his office, he embarks on another sharing spree to secure another looting opportunity .The betterment of people’s lives and development of society is never in the agenda of government and governance. They  factor projects into the budget, multiply the original cost by hundreds and give the juicy contract out to party ‘Chieftains’, friends and associates just to ‘settle’ them and say thank you for ’investing’ in me. It  was never for the people, so it can be abandoned, done haphazardly or not done at all, and nothing will happen. Thanks to the PDP!

You hardly can find any Nigeria politician who has a road map of where he want Nigeria to be in the next five years or where the black race will be in the next ten years and work towards it, No! What we have is people who has money to share (Invest) so as to get their money back (profit) from oil money. Business men who trade with human blood. Any human being irrespective of tribe or religious affiliation who is part of this highly profitable business is branded Patriot in Nigeria.

 The masses who are the losers in this Money politics game are now powerless and lack   moral authority to call to order or question any public servant embezzling money, because he goes about collecting peanuts from them in whatever guise they do it- youth summit, stake holders rally, empowerment, thanksgiving, capacity building and many other bogus titles those jamborees go by. The masses ,who lack basic healthcare, electricity, pipe borne water ,good roads, good education and other most basic things of life see themselves  surprisingly as ‘politicians’ because they have been sold the dummy that being a politician is all about sharing money!

That us the fertile soil that supports the growth of impunity in public office holders because no body holds them accountable, simply put, they have paid their dues.

Last two weeks, former Vice president, Atiku Abubarkar returned to PDP after his romance with PDP’s partner in crime APC ,declaring his intention to run for President in the 2019 elections, perhaps to continue from where he stopped in the destruction of societal fabrics.

 Can he win on this platform(PDP) with such evil history and achievement?  Time will tell.


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