Ugandan MP’s,representing themselves or the interests of all Ugandans

And the political saga in Uganda continues!

Time and time again this year our Members of Parliament have done things that we can all agree outright to be wrong. Two months ago, we saw the biggest fight ever in our Legislative House and most Ugandans remained dumbstruck with what they were seeing in the Parliamentary House. The Members of Parliament especially the opposition members were against the motion of the Amendment of the constitution, Article 102 (b) to be precise while the ruling party (NRM- National Resistance Movement) Members of Parliament where seen to support the motion to remove term limits.

The major brawl that broke out in Parliament, led to the suspension of about 25 Members of Parliament who were only allowed to come back to Parliament today and still, the Opposition members of parliament decided to don their red attire that seems to represent Blood as per the Uganda National Flag or rather defiance against the constitutional amendment.

Those suspended, among others; are Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (Kyaddondo East), MP Allan Ssewanyana (Makindye West), Monica Amoding (Kumi District), Dr Sam Lyomoki (Workers) Betty Nambooze (Mukono Municipality) Ibrahim Kasozi (Makindye East) and Moses Kasibante (Rubaga North). Today, however, although there were many items on the order paper, leave alone the Age Limit Debate/Report which was missing, many Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) were hell bent on attacking their NRM counterparts by bringing back old bones in the closet especially for the case of Foreign Minister and also former President of the United Nations General Assembly during its 69th session in 2014–2015, Hon. Sam Kutesa for alleged Bribery.

Today, the 19th Day of December, events took a different turn in Parliament. Yesterday was the designated day to debate and put a vote/an end to the amendment of Article 102 (b), however, the commotion that the Parliamentarians brought up led to the adjournment of the house to 10 am today. Unfortunately, nothing much was discussed as opposition Parliamentarians were still hell bent on attacking their ruling Party counterparts. It’s very sad that many of these Parliamentarians are taking matters into their own hands and turning Parliament into theatre, fighting as opposed to debating the very issues that will either make or break Uganda. Again, the house was adjourned to 2pm this afternoon but nothing much has been discussed yet since the minority in parliament are pushing propaganda forward to see to it that the Bill is not debated nor voted on.

More to it, earlier, Parliamentarians were each given a total of 29 Million Ugandan Shillings for age limit consultation and many of them obliged and used the money for the said reason while others especially Opposition MPs took the money back to Parliament claiming that they were being bribed.  However, when presenting their minority report about the bill Yesterday in Parliament, the report stated that the Parliamentarians were denied any monetary resources towards the said consultations. On the other hand, some other Parliamentarians decided to use the money given to them for the age limit consultation on totally other issues that they claimed made more sense or where put in place to help the citizens as opposed to consulting on a bill that seeks to put one man in power for a long time. The question that lingers in the air right now is; Are our MPs trying to get back at old wounds as they pretend to represent us or are they genuine in their not so interesting urge to punish their nemesis’ and NRM counterparts?

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