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The change the opposition have promised to deliver, is not the change the country needs!

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Are you Still tithing for pastors to buy private jets?

Nigerians and their religious sentiment, against all evidences available on the issue of tithes and the materialistic pastors!    Nigeria as a society has been proven to be a society of hearsay, a none evidential and none factual believing people. Nigeria do not need find facts neither do they have time to investigate issues before believing or subscribing to such.

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Understanding Uganda’s Political Structure

The big Question: ARE ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS DEMOGRAPHICS RESPONSIBLE FOR WEAK TRADITIONAL OPPOSITION PARTIES? Early political parties in Uganda were formed out of the religious and economic demographics that began to model politics before Uganda’s independence. The Roman Catholics, the Anglican (Protestant Christians), and Islam battled each other to extend their influence in Buganda and Uganda as a whole. In

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Uganda and the fight against HIV

How did Uganda manage the HIV AIDs that once ravaged the country? In the 1980s and the early 1990s, the very high rate of HIV infection experienced in Uganda created an urgent need for a solution to this epidemic. The government of Uganda adopted a number of approaches ranging from promotion the use of condom during sex, to abstinence only

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