Is agitation for self determination a call for war?

What next (Biafra or Nigeria)?

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Sometimes ago, a video circulated the social media, the said video was posted by one Cynthia Amadi.

What do Nigerians know about the direction of their country?

In that video, she expressed her disappointment for the agitation of Biafra by the (Igbos) and she warned them of how dangerous war can be. It appeared that she (miss Amadi) did not understand that the right to self-determination is a right of any people and that those that chooses to demand for it, are well within their rights to do so.

She probably bought into the propaganda of the government idea, which suggested that any demand for secession is a call for war! As stupid as the actions of those demanding for secession may seem to other tribes in the country, it should be clear to all those that are opposed to the idea of secession that it is a choice that is based on how Nigeria treats them. They are also concerned of their future and that of their next generations. Their actions do not mean that those that have chosen to remain Nigerians, should not do so. Nobody has the right to dictate for a people how to choose a future for themselves, neither do the Igbos, owe anyone an explanation of the circumstances surrounding their choice of action. what they are calling for is the right to self-determination, to be able to plot the cause of their destiny. Since after the Biafra war, the Igbo’s have not benefited from the Nigerian project. The structure of the country provides no hope, that the current trend will change neither will it provide any hope for the Igbo’s and their future generation not even in the life time of (Cynthia Amandi).

The Nigerian cabal politicians knows so well more than you, that the Igbo’s have made tremendous contributions to the Nigerian project and continued to do so. The fear of the emergence of an Igbo’s Nation, would not allow those opposing restructuring to see the need for it. A national referendum was conducted in Nigeria and all stake holders were adequately represented, the outcome was writing and is now wasting away wherever it has been stored. The only reason this is so is because a section of the country is worried that a fair and balanced Nigeria is not to their best interest!

The reason they are not ready to implement it is very simple, because some parts of the country are taking advantage of the lack of good structure to their benefit and they want it to remain so. What the agitation is about is, if you do not want restructuring then we the Igbo’s are not interested in the type of Nigerian project that currently exists. The southwest appeared to join the band wagon of the demand for restructuring at the heat of it. when it appears the only alternative to the agitation for Biafra was to preach and demand for restructuring. Soon after the Buhari’s heavy handed and reckless killing of innocent IPOB members with his python dancers which meant that the IPOB leader was arrested in the process and temporarily supressed the agitation. All those that joined the demand for restructuring have gone back to their shells.

The FG have since proscribed IPOB as a terrorist organisation, which is a more convenient way to stop a legitimate demand for freedom from the oppression of the Hausa Controlled Nigeria Project and Federal Government! The question the whole southerners should be asking themselves is, why the northerners are objecting to the restructuring of the country. What exactly are they (HUASA’S) concerned about restructuring Nigeria which they were well represented during the national conference? There is a hidden agenda by the northern Nigeria for which restructuring will hamper. Any honest human being in Nigeria will acknowledge that any one in leadership that truly wants the progress of the country will support for the country to be restructured.

The Yoruba’s are not comfortable with the current structures in the country but because they are benefiting from the Hausa lead Nigeria one way or another. As a result, they have been willing to work against their conscience in support of the Hausa’s for the kickbacks that are made available to their political God father’s!! Many Igbo youths, have made it clear to all the other tribes in Nigeria that they are not happy with what is happening in Nigeria and that given that opportunity they would rather have their own country were their interests would be a priority for the government, that is the position of many young and old Igbo’s.

They believe that, for the country to move forward the Igbo’s are saying let’s have a referendum to ask their people if they are happy to stay in Nigeria, in its current structure, if it’s restructured or do they want to leave Nigeria regardless! These are legal, and they are entitled to it. Unfortunately, you have a Hausa controlled government which includes all the security agencies and they have done all they can due to their selfish interests to stop this momentarily. As history suggests no ideology is ever suppressed the way the government of Buhari has gone about it which is full of hate and animosity! But in time, if these issues are not addressed, the quest will be awakened in time for the same purpose!

The problem in Nigeria is that the young people have been constantly brutalised by law enforcement agencies and subjected to poverty by the politicians to the extent that all the think about is food for their belly and nothing about their future and their children’s future. They are consumed with fear and the brutality of the government that they have lost their sense of responsibility. The Igbo youths that partook on the 2017 agitation and those that supported their legitimate quest will be vindicated by history while those that chose to be cowards for fear will live to regret that they did nothing for the better life of the next generation of young people.  Nigeria youths must be educated on these topics, so they can stop being agents. for war mongers. The destiny of the entire Igbo people cannot be sacrificed for Nigerian project let alone for those that feel that they may lose their investments whatever that means. The south westerners are never known for their stands for justice neither are they known to have the tenacity to confront difficult situations as the one that currently exist in Nigeria. They rather have parties and ceremonies than fight for the freedom of their children

It has never been recorded in the history of any country of people losing their property’s because they separated from an existing union and that will not happen in these 21 centuries! So, do not use that as a scare excuse because it’s cheap. A lot of Nigerians live in diaspora and own properties how about that? Are they from those countries? it’s called having immigration rights to live a country. Those with properties in the north and south west will be qualified to have residential status in Nigeria and Biafra would have an embassy that would see that life and property of its citizens are protected. So, people must stop confusing the uneducated population with those trash, its 2018 not dark ages. All these talk about you will lose this and you will lose are from both educated and uneducated illiterates with no clue of diplomatic principles. I am very pissed with the level of mediocrity in people of Nigeria.

 Like and share with your friends, Nigerian youths needs proper education on this and so many other issues that concerns them and their future!!

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