The real anemies of Nigeria are those opposing Restructuring!

Untill everyone realises that injustice to one is injustice to all, there will never be a Nigerian!

As Nigeria continue this journey of no structured and no named destination. Shall we all be quiet and not speak out for fear of being bullied by the Buhari python dancers, ARS, and his Hausa lead security agencies. Regardless of what your reasons are for not standing up to be counted to confront what is going wrong in this country, we all must be reminded that history would judge this generation for being cowards and doing nothing because of fear.

Since Buhari came into power under APC, it is no exaggeration that Nigerians have been living in fear of police and military intimidation for voicing their opinions under this government. The country had enjoyed an unprecedented level of freedom during the GEJ lead PDP government. The said freedom has been eroded by the Buhari’s administration. Anybody, that is brave enough to challenge or criticise the Buhari government have been meet with intimidation, brutality and illegal detention to say the least. under this government Nepotism have made a comeback in government and ethnocentric apportioning of the national wealth to certain areas of the country is obvious for all to see.

This same government is working hard to make one religion (Islam) dominate and centre for every other faith in the country. The country’s educational systems have consistently been altered with government policies that will allow Islam to be at the centre of Nigeria’s educational system. Government appointments have been allocated mostly to Muslims of the north as less and less Christians and other faiths are involved in the decision making in the country. Government allocation policies are constantly being designed to focus on the northern states so that more government funds and developmental projects are directed and apportioned to the northern part of the country.

In the law enforcement agencies, Northerners are heading 98 percent of positions of decision making places and mostly Muslims! The president once directed the world bank to focus the project that they have for Nigeria to the northern part of the country. In less than three years Buhari have spent over $3 billion US dollar searching for oil in northern Nigeria. The said amount has been wasted because even after spending that huge amount, no drop of oil has been discovered in the north. These are funds that could provide Nigerians up to 35 thousand megawatts of electricity that the country desperately needs. The same Buhari’s government have recently demanded for a $1 billion US dollar to be approved by National Assembly as funds that is meant to be used to fight boko haram in the north east of the country. it is important to remind Nigerians that all these funds are in US dollars and not in naira.

Let us remind ourselves that this same government said to Nigerians that the Boko haram has been defeated and reduced significantly and confined to a very small place. So, what are the government requesting for a $1 billion bill for in fighting already defeated boko haram? Let us remind Nigerians of the $26 billion-dollar illegal contract signed by Batu, a man put in his position by the president. we must also not forget the illegal return of maina to Nigeria for which the chief justice of the federation has been alleged to be responsible for, himself another northerner in the Buhari’s government. despite all these Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the trend, to realise that Nigeria is heading north and that the Buhari’s has no plan for the rest of them in the south as well as none Muslims in the country regardless of your location.

Every single opposition of his government have either been tagged disruptive to the “indivisible Unity of Nigeria” and solders have been sent in heavy handed to kill as many as possible to stop the opposition treat. However, the only people that have been licenced to kill with impunity in the country are the Fulani herdsmen. The government of Buhari and his security agencies turns deaf and powerless whenever the Fulani herdsmen are on their killing rampage of other faiths and communities up and down the country with their sophisticated weapons! The Fulani herdsmen are recognised around the world as a terrorist organisation and have been proscribed by the united nations and the USA. But the Buhari’s would not proscribe them as terrorists because the president himself is a Fulani and a cattle owner too. But the same Buhari and his northern lead government were quick to proscribe IPOB that never carried armed no killed!

Till date the same Fulani herdsmen are still on killing rampage up and down the country and even when the law enforcement agencies are informed well ahead of time they still do nothing to stop the killings. you wonder why this is, it’s simply because those that are in place of authority to order the military or other agencies to stop them are either Fulani’s themselves or northerners of Muslim faith! It is not a coincidence that all this killing is still going on and the federal government of Buhari are pretending to be powerless. This is possible because the Yoruba political God fathers that decides for the Yoruba’s of whom to vote for are themselves Muslims and are usually bought over by the Hausas for their support, because no one tribe in Nigeria can control power without the support of another ethnic group and the Yoruba’s have continued to offer the north that support for political positions and government policies that favour their region.

I urge Nigerians especially those of the southwest of the country, to stop their support for evil and injustices that is been done to people of other ethnic groups just because of handouts they are getting from northerners in charge of power. 

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