Truth hurts, but it must be said regardless!

The American President Donald Trump has a quality lacking in most leaders- political incorrectness. He says what he feels about virtually anything, any issue or anybody. He says what he will do at any giving time- good or bad. This same quality endeared him and is still endearing him to his supporters. It is also political incorrectness that has earned him unfathomable hatred from those who see him as a cause on America and the world, and pray that he leaves the White House soon!

Unfortunately, many world leaders we applaud for making wonderful, patronizing and ‘diplomatic’ remarks have worse racist, bigoted, dehumanizing and evil views on those topics they used sugar coated words to address in the public. One of the major problems of the 21st century is political correctness. It is like cancer, plaguing the world with Headquarters at the United Nations. So even when facts lay bare, we dare not speak the truth in order not to provoke a group of people and or religion or other human classifications that we (knowingly or unknowingly) elevated to a status of divine sacrosanctity albeit above humanity.

The world is better off with leaders who air their opinions like Donald Trump, for in doing so we gauge the very consequences of such mindset and or opinion and equip ourselves with necessary tools, physically, psychological and otherwise. A disease that has a known cause can be cured and even stopped! Saying sweet words to the applause of the world and the people your policies destroy daily is the hallmark of political correctness: Talk about how bad war is on the camera, go at the back and make policies that ensure many countries fighting themselves continue doing so by sponsoring each of them secretly and supplying them arms and ammunition ,make heart melting speeches of how evil and depraved terrorism is to the World and after it go at the back to  sponsor  terrorists who main and kill in the most gruesome manner.

It is better to tell me you are going to kill me than pretending to be my friend who has concluded my death plans while helping me look elsewhere for those after me.

 I love Donald Trump for always refusing political correctness.

He is not the first American president to be extremely racist and bigoted, the only difference is his political incorrectness. He was right in calling some countries Shithole. He was fair enough. My country Nigeria is not just a Shithole. It is unfair to belittle that word Shithole and bring it down to Nigerian’s level. Nigeria is worse than a Shithole The word shithole though a vulgar slang means an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place

Apart from the enormous natural and human resources wasting in this country, it is extremely dirty, physically. It is shabby in the most beautiful depiction of that word. It is a very unpleasant place for its ordinary citizens. The definition above is not necessary for many people who like Trump do not patronize political correctness. It is for those who has suddenly, hypocritically taken on the garb of patriotism to defend “Our country” from “foreign attack” while contributing in their ever-bourgeoning business of making the country anything worse than a Shithole.

To these set of people (mainly elites and political class beneficiaries), Nigeria and its humanity is just business of buying and selling for individual profit. My Shithole explanation is also for those ordinary citizens of Nigeria and of other Shitholes countries engrossed in the vicarious hysteria of repudiation of Trump’s Shithole classification. Their jeremiads are simply unwarranted and comes in cacophonous in every Sound ear.

Facts are scared. I will bring to your notice -that is you if you are unaware, facts on ground that justifies Nigerian as an extremely dirty shabby or otherwise unpleasant place and more. That will be in my next article.

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