The menace of fulani herdsmen and the delibrate attempt by Bihari’s government to ignore and down play the threat!

Who are those, sponsoring these Fulani herdsmen and what are their objective?



It is undoubtedly clear to every intelligent and honest citizen of this country, that there is a big divide between how today’s government responds to the activities of individual ethnic groups and diverse stake holders in this country. This is to say that the way you are treated by the current administration is dependent on which part of the country you are from, your religious believe or your political affiliation. The Buhari’s have in the past 3 years blown hut and cold about the unity of Nigeria and how it is allegedly none negotiable. His government have demonstrated to the entire Nigerians that its primary objective is to uplift the north, increase northern domination of governance and further the strong hold of Islam in the country at the expense of the southeast, south south and the rest. Since this president came to power in 2015, the Fulani herdsmen killings and decimation of none Hausa Fulani and Muslim communities have increased, due to Buhari’s government policy of none response and inaction to this menace, for which his choice to be mute, is indicative of his position!

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The Buhari government seem not care about how many people get killed by the Fulani herdsmen, neither is he concerned of the many communities that have been devastated by these so called Fulani herdsmen barbaric killings in the country. It appears though, that there is a deliberate attempt by this government to allow this terrorist group (Fulani herdsmen) to whipe out none Muslims as they continue their Islamic conquest of Usman Dan fodio! Why is it that this government never responds when it is about the Fulani herdsmen killing people up and down the country? But the same government would use the military might of the country to kill innocent citizens for daring to demand for their legitimate human rights?

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How is it that governors are not able to order security agencies to prevent this mayhem of Fulani herdsmen unless the order is from the president which never happens. But when people legitimately demands for equity, fairness and justice, this administration sees it as a plot against the furtherance of northern grip of power and that is the only time you hear Buhari blowing hot about national red lines and the rest of it!

No other group of people in Nigeria could be seen around the country toting AK47 illicitly without drawing the attention of the law enforcement Agencies and the military, only the Fulani herdsmen can! This government does not want to acknowledge the Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist organisation, neither do they have intentions to discourse Fulani herdsmen issues not minding the atrocities that they are committing and the life’s they continue to waste on daily basis. The families of those being killed get nothing from the government nor does the government help them in any shape or form.

It is alleged that the activities of these brutes are sponsored by those with power in the Nigerian government and cattle owners of the Fulani extraction. It is also alleged that it is in the interest of the furtherance of Islam in Nigeria that the Fulani herdsmen continue to kill and terrorise people to wipe out other communities to take over their land and instil fear. All over the country people are lamenting about the mayhem of the Fulani herdsmen but despite the lamentations and outcry the government of Buhari is not doing anything to tackle the issues of Fulani herdsmen. Even the security Agencies have been mute and pretending not be aware of the incidents. Yet this is in the same country that Buhari says the unity is none negotiable, one may wonder what unity he talking about? The dominance of the Hausas must be maintained unless everyone will die!

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The hausa’s have gotten the yorubas where they want them!

The Yoruba’s have played a crucial role in the continued dominance of the north in the Nigerian politics. In the structure of Nigeria, no one ethnic group can dominate the political arena without the support of another and the Yoruba’s have had that continued alliance with the north against the Igbo’s and other minority ethnic groups. Therefore, in Nigeria you have an uneducated 75-year-old as president and an “alleged professor of law” as his vice, what a shamble and an insult to academic intelligence. This president has in just 3 years, shown the level of nepotism that has never been witnessed in the history of Amalgamation of Nigeria. All the decision-making positions in the country is manned by a northerner or a Muslim.

The same is said of all the security top positions in the country which is why the herdsmen can go around the country killing with impunity and the entire security agencies pretends to be powerless, reason being that those that are supposed to order the soldiers out to go and fight the herdsmen menace are themselves that heads of these security agencies as such would not do so because their interests their interests are also represented, and the Fulani’s are their brothers too.

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There is no other country in the world where over ten people would be killed, and the president of the country would remain mute. The Nigerian president have not bothered to visit the victimising has he made any tough public broadcast to warn the Fulani herdsmen for crossing the national Red line and threatening the unity of Nigeria. But whenever there is any action that is deemed as a threat to the north dominance of power is threatened by legitimate means by peaceful groups of citizens the same president swings into action and sends out his python dancers on killing rampage!

It is no longer hidden that there is a deliberate effort by this government to ignore the Fulani herdsmen killings. The deliberate inaction of this government to pull on the same might of the military that it has used against unarmed civilians in the southeast, is an indication of its position on the ongoing Fulani herdsmen killings up and down the country. The Buhari’s government have shown that it places much more values on the cows of the Fulani herdsmen than the lives of other Nigerians. There must be an agenda of interests to this government and some other northern political oligarchs, hence this Buhari government is very reluctant to respond to the barbaric killings by the said terrorist group. while some are in the National assembly soliciting for grazing bill as if those cows are an investment by the Nigerian government. These cows have private ownership, but the reason there should be a law allowing these barbaric people to have a federal designated location around the country while other businesses have to buy land and pay for their business locations is not explained to Nigerians!

Who are these Fulani herdsmen, why is it difficult for the federal government of Nigeria to stop them with its military might? The law enforcement agencies seem to be paralysed when it comes to the case of Fulani herdsmen, but quick to showcase their strength when it’s not. Why are the security agencies not concerned about the automatic weapons that these terrorist group are equipped with! What is the source supplying them with such sophisticated arms, and they are supposed to be herdsmen? Is this a case of one country, but different laws for different people? Some already believe that it is part of the agenda of this president to broaden the areas controlled by Islam in the country, so that Nigeria could be an Islamic country. The only hindrance to this in Nigeria will be the southeast which is dominantly christians as southwest are already mostly Muslims. All the political elites of the southwest are mostly Muslims hence they are working hand in hand with the north.

Nigerians are good at not standing up against evil acts in their country, especially when it is not affecting them, their relatives or tribe. If they are finding food to eat they will keep quiet at the injustices that is been done to others. It’s such a reprehensible and wicked attitude to have and one which have not helped Nigeria achieve its full potential as a country. Speak up against the Fulani herdsmen and against Buhari’s administration for its support by default to these Fulani terrorists.

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