Too many Killings in Nigeria whilst the President and his southwestern allies are mute!

IPOB is a terrorist group while the Fulani herdsmen are the true friends of Nigeria,laughable!!

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The Fulani herdsmen are killing Nigerians daily. The Southeast governors are not demanding for them to be proscribed, because they Are not a threat to their political ambitions! The Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo so called,have also remained mute because their pockets are being lined. The Yoruba’s have remained mute on social media because they have sold their birth rights to the Fulani’s for a bowl of porridge. So, criticizing the killings by the herdsmen might cause them to be relegated by their pay master, So they also have maintained their hypocrisy.

The president (PMB)have himself remained inactive, while the none Muslims of a country that he is presiding over is being slaughtered like animals by his Fulani brothers. “As some suggests they are all in it together.”

What about the famous quote from him about “The unity of Nigeria being none negotiable and the crossing of the national Red LINES”

I am so ashamed of all those that call themselves Nigerians and yet are cowards to act even when it is obvious that it is a deliberate act of ethnic cleansing by the Fulani’s to further extend their islamization Agender and the domination of other Tribes. Shame unto all those that can speak but for what they can eat have remained mute while cows are more valued than human lives in their country!!!

The current trend is that if you speak out against the barbarism that is going on in the country under the watch of Buhari and his Allies the DSS will be sent to arrest you!!

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The DSS was sent to arrest the above preacher for criticising the evil act and continued silence by the current administration of Buhari government while his people are killing other tribes in the country under his watch! 

How could it be that the AREWA group where guilty of treasonable felony and they did not get even a cautioning for their acts. But IPOB was proscribed and soldiers sent in by the Buhari’s administration to kill anything that moved and so they did. This group have not killed even an animal, but the government deemed them to be a terrorist groups that needed the might of the Nigerian army to quash.

Today in Nigeria, there is the case of Fulani herdsmen killing men, women and children of none Islamic ethnic origin,in their numbers,and what is the government of Buhari response? absolutely nothing.  

Lets listen in, to the famous inaugural speech of (PMB) “I BELONG TO EVERYBODY AND I BELONG TO NOBODY”

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If that speech was to be translated today, what would it be read as? I leave that to your imagination,have a guess in view of the current trends in the country today. But the truth remains that Nigeria is not a country and no where near to be described as a nation! The mentality of the people is consumed in selfishness and interests that they cannot come together and fight their common enemy and to stop the northern domination of the country which is aided by the southwest politicians who are 99 percent Muslims anyway!

Until all those that identify themselves as Nigerians understands that injustice to one is injustice to all, they will never realise a country nor have a national identity!

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