Trump is Winning  ​


The “patriotic” refutal and rebuttal  of President Donald Trump” shithole ascription to some countries- Nigeria inclusive has remained laughable to the politically incorrect. It is one that will yet expose our bourgeoning hypocrisy.

Just last week Amnesty International released a report it documented about the killing of 85 villagers in Adamawa State by a combination of fighter jets from Nigeria Air Force and Army

Video credit:Armnesty international

In the said documentary over 3,000 homes were bombed in December 2017. Herdsmen also commenced killings in the villages almost at the same time. Those killings reported by Amnesty International were not reported in any mainstream Nigeria Media and like thousands of killings that has happened in the country before, nobody has been prosecuted for murdering innocent people in cold blood. No official statement from government as regards to that State sponsored attacks/murder on/of innocent citizens not to talk more of actions to forestall reoccurrence. Meanwhile, a Lawmaker presently part our Legislature tried to convince Nigerians that cattle life is more valuable than human lives in a bid to protect and shield murderous herdsman.

Just last week, Nigerian Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige informed Nigerians that the Federal Government has spent One Billion (1bn) naira on medical bill and burial preparations for the Late former Vice President, Dr Alex Ekwueme who died in a London Clinic last December. For a Nigerian top politician or “big man” to die in any Nigeria hospital implies lack of good care which invariably means there are no good hospitals in Nigeria. Even President Mahamadu Buhari doesn’t treat ear infection in Nigeria- not even in his Aso Rock Clinic that gulps Billions of Naira annually in budget and allocation.  Can we now agree that having no value for human lives and the evident absence of basic healthcare does’nt qualify Nigeria as “a really bad place or building, especially someone undesirable to live or work in? (Urban Dictionary’s definition of Shithole)  Yes!

A visit to the United States’ and other Western World embassies in Nigerian will give one a notion that everybody in this country is struggling to run away, particularly is people in their productive years . Who leaves a good place for the bad one?

 Since last December Nigerians are buying Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) for N180-220 depending on location. A country so blessed with crude oil! We still export crude oil and import Fuel

Unemployment goes high daily as our Higher Institutions churn out unemployable graduates. Fifty eight years after independence, Nigeria is still a baby. Lacks most basic things- good healthcare, good and qualitative education, electricity, good road networks etc. Any county with the aforementioned qualities is a shithole!

‘Patriotic Nigerians’  and or those who are learned in the process and art of diplomacy, albeit political correctness should direct their anger to and or form it into a strong force of action that will ensuring/ensure that Nigeria is withered of qualities that make that Word Shithole to comfortably discover its real meaning at the mention of the Nigeria. Until then, President Trump is winning.

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