Open letter to Nigerian youths. Part one!

Its time to stand up to be counted!!

As 2019 approaches, Nigerians are once again at a cross road, with the choice of who is to lead their country for another 4 years. It has always been the case that once you are in power, whether as a governor or as the president, you never lose any election. But Good-luck Jonathan (GEJ) set a high standard by allowing himself to be the first to lose an election in Nigeria as a incumbent president!

The usual is that politicians bribe the electorate with petty things, as cheap as raw rice to eat for a few days! Or cash to drink beer and eat peppe soup for a day or two. But in return to these petty gifts, they (The politicians) are giving a 4-year mandate to carry on looting the country’s treasury and continue make decisions that may ultimately destroy the lives of those that elected them and that of their next generations!

These politicians have worked out how to keep the youths of the country down, in other to prevent them from making any meaningful progress, so they could continue to look up to them for help and as such every 4 years they come back with yet more empty promises and because the people are hungry and uncaringly desperate, they will continue to fall for it!

The political parties in Nigeria are not for the poor they are for those that have had the opportunity to loot the country in one way or another. Nevertheless, the youths themselves are not coherent enough to comprehend that they are being wrecked by these politicians. They have no foundation and no strategy of salvaging their country back from these old and outdated politicians who continues to recycle themselves. Therefore, the country has no future and continues to regress!

One may be lead to wonder whether Nigeria has a future and to be frank, no one knows. But considering the state of the nation and the government in place. it will only be fair to say that currently, Nigeria has no future. Can Nigeria continue to survive as one country that is also hard to say. But it will be extremely hard to forestall sanity in the country because corruption have eating deep into the main fabric of the Nigerian society and system. It may ultimately take a few generations to pass by before you can annihilate Nigeria of corruption, if ever!

The way forward is that the Nigerian youths should stop showing support for these outdated politicians and rally round people with vision and new ideas. People with the capacity to move the country forward into the 21 centuries and provide the younger generation with tools they can compete with in today’s world! How could you have a country where these outdated men and women continues to recycle themselves and impose themselves on you and yet you cannot do anything about it. If these can continue, then the results will continue to be the same backwards ever and forward never! The next edition will outline what needs to be done so that youths can take back this country from these cabals!

This article should not be concluded without mentioning that countries around Africa are faced with the same dilemma and there are similarities to that of Nigeria and the youths must stand up to be counted. Be selfless in your approach, for injustice to one is injustice to all. You must all stand together to fight your common enemy.

To be continued!

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