This is what a country looks like!!!

Dubai is a country, whilst”Nigeria is a shitthole geographical location”!

Video credit:CNBC

How is it that other countries are progressive, and Nigeria is stock with backward ideas and backward bunch of politicians? Recycled old people whose ideas and ideals are completely out of date and fit for the 21-century way of doing things.

The same people steal from the country then move their looted funds to country’s that their governments are doing well. Nigerians are just a bunch of people who cannot even demand for good governance. A country where its citizens laugh and rejoice over injustices done on their fellow citizens instead of standing up against any injustices on any citizens regardless of ethnicity.  The current president and his crew are the most nepotistic bunch ever in the history of the country.

The current president that invented “national Red lines” was quick to forget his quotes while his kings-men are killing other tribes up and down the country. Why do Nigeria politicians find it hard to stand up against an evil act that is obvious to everyone? The ethnic cleansing and land grab strategy is to the benefits of all those that oversee the current administration of Buhari’s and the APC, including all those that supports them.

What a “shitthole country” and a retrograde people!


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