How did Nigeria get here?

Shameful is an understatement,what a country!

Video credit:Youtube, A brave Nigerian lamanting!

This cannot be a country or how can it be, when all that is talked about is; north, south, East and west issues! A “country” of multiple nations and yet the Fulani’s are the only ones in government. In my previous article i wrote about what is the benefit of being a Nigerian. Some Nigerians from the North and southwest were being sentimental in their response of the writeup as they always do, playing the card of patriotism to a country that is yet to define its purposes.

This is an indication in view of the said response that hunger in Nigeria have taken away people’s sound judgement.

The National Assembly (THE LAW MAKERS) are unproductive to the benefit of the citizens. The president has been accused of nepotism in his actions and appointments. When it’s about none Hausas and Muslims he blows hot, but whilst his people are toting sophisticated weapons and killing none Hausa Fulani and none Muslims, he turns blind eyes and appear powerless. All the decision-making positions and security of the country are either manned by Hausa or Fulani’s man but must be a Muslim! These means the entire powerful people responsible for the security of the country are all Muslims and are from the north Hausas/Fulani or a Muslim from the southwest.

The country is constantly regressive and on reverse gear. The citizens are so hungry, and many have lost their sense of direction and sound judgement. So much hunger in the land and yet nothing promising from the government of the day. Nepotism is the new order of affairs in the country and no one dares to speak otherwise the DSS or the military will be sent to arrest and incarcerate them!

There are killings going on by the Fulani herdsmen around the country but because all those that are in the country’s security command are Hausas and Fulani’s hence they are reluctant to send their python dancing soldiers and other law enforcement agencies to tackle the terrorists group named “Fulani herdsmen” because themselves are Fulani’s so the killings could be to their interests!

The government is arresting every one that speaks against its nepotistic type of governance and activities! If you are from the north, you can get away with any crime but if you are from the south especially from the east you are jailed for demanding for your fundamental rights.

Nigeria as a country has no basic life supporting infrastructures and amenities for its citizens and yet every day the people are told of multiple billions of dollars being stolen from the government coffers. The ordinary citizens are hopeless and lack knowledge of how to confront these menace that continues to destroy their life dreams. In 2017 Nigerians from the north and south west combined were quick to raise their voice against secessionist group IPOB, for daring to demand to break away from what they described as “a dead country”! One wonders why the same people cannot rally themselves together ones more, in like manner to condemn the president for failing to respond while his people continue to kill and destroy the livelihood of other Nigerians.

One may wonder when these Fulani herdsmen terrorist group, will cross Buhari’s national redlines or was that invented only for armless people who sang and danced with no weapon whilst demanding for a referendum?

How dare you say Nigeria is a country?

To be continued

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