The fulanis are in charge of Nigeria!

The presidents double standard

The Buhari’s government and its security agency’s were alarted of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists planned killings in Benue state by the governor of the state. According to the governor, even names of their suspected sponsors were also sent to the federal government,who by the current constitution are mandated to order the security agencies or dispatch troops and other law enforcement agencies to Benue state,for the protecton of life and property’s of those Nigerians. Instead, all that is happened,is that the northerners have justified the terrorist groups actions and blamed the state governor for making a law that will stop the Fulani herdsmen from killing his people.

In the IPOB and Nigerian government, the igbo politicians were quick to condemn IPOB because,how to line their bank accounts appeared more important to them as opposed to putting the interests of their people first!

Video Credit Youtube: The governor said what most people already know but Nigeria in their typical ways never support or stand by the truth as long as their own relatives have not been killed!

One would have expected that buhari,would be quick to action his python dancing soldires down to Benue state to battle the Fulani terrorists as expected and prevent them from killing other Nigerians.

But the federal government chose to be quiet and allowed the killings and destruction of lives and properties to continue. The fulani herdsmen terrorist’s, are allowed to carry armunition as they continue to kill with impunity, invading communities,destroying people’s life long properties,taking over their land and the buhari’s are quiet. The buharis’s have suddenly forgotten about “the unity of Nigeria that is none negotiable”? what about his famous national red lines, which according to him the IPOB crossed that left him with no choice than to send his soldiers to eastern Nigeria to kill innocent citizens that have never killed nor ever carried armunition.

Isnt that the hallmark of double standard and nepotism. Nevertheless, i hope the so called igbo politicians are following the trend. i hope they can see their foolishness in the current actions of this buhari’s government. It is clear that the agender of the north and that of Islam is being protected, hence the security agency’s can not action that Fulani herdsmen be killed, because its all for their interests. But the igbo governors were the first to call IPOB terrorists! what a disgraceful generation of politicians who’s fundamental priority’s are their selfish interest! What a shame and shamble! Will this country ever grow to be a nation?

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