Igbo politicians and Elders must learn!

Retardate and outdated bunch representing them selves

When a people lack leaderships,their future is then said to be blink, dark and unpredictable. The same can be said of the Igbo’s in Nigeria. In a country like Nigeria, wherein everyone and every tribe is fighting for dominance and relevance, the Igbo politicians of today seem to be blinded about the need to fight for Igbo interests, neither have they seen the need to protect the interests of the Igbo’s within the rat race type of governance in Nigeria.

Well,in view of the current state of the nation,the killings that is going on,up and down the country by the Fulani terrorists who many believe are motivated by the quest for dominance, have brought to light that some part of this country have a plan of their own for the country.

Igbo governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo casgated and sold their own people!!

During the height of the secessionist demand by the IPOB, the Igbo politicians and some Igbo elders criticised Nnamdi Kalu, his follower and their sympathisers. They failed capitalising on that momentum to demand for justice for the Igbo nation. They sold the Igbo nation for the sake of their political careers.

Compare that,to how the government that is 99 percent controlled by northerners have responded to the issue of Fulani herdsmen! They have deliberately allowed the Fulani’s to continue their killings and destruction until a time when they believe that enough damage have been done then they can be informed of their planned actions so they can stay away, before the soldiers are sent in for a mumbo jumbo action!

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The Igbo politicians most learn from the northerners to support their own people no matter what. The southeast governors were quick to say that Indigenous people of Biafra should be proscribed as a terrorist group not minding that they had no ammunition and never killed.

But Buhari’s and other northerners blamed Igbo elders and the rest of them for not coming out individually in the open to condemn IPOB. Now, the Fulani herdsmen are toting war weapons for that matter, killing people in their hundreds and the government that is lead by northerners have remained mute,the government is of the view that these are just criminals not terrorists!

furthermore, instead of sending their python dancing soldiers to go and combat the a world 4th renowned said terrorists, the same way they were sent to kill innocent citizens in the south east.

But no the government is rather on the side of the terrorists and rather blaming the governor of Benue state for enacting a law to protect the life and property of his people. The amire of kano Lamido sanusi is suggesting that the “herdsmen have agreed to lay down their arms if they are treated well”!

What a double standard in a country that ” its unity is said to be none negotiable”?

The northern elders are the only set in the country that are very quick to stand by the actions of their people and will always justify their actions. and the rest of the country will buy into it!

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