One of the basic functions of government is the provision of a conducive environment for Businesses to thrive. It does this mostly through the provision of public goods and services, also through Monetary and Fiscal policies.

For most Nigerians aged forty years and below, the above postulation is merely disingenuous.

Many grew up in a country where their healthcare, education, electricity supply, water supply etc. are solely their responsibility – financially and otherwise. The major Problem has been the inability of government to allow hardworking Citizens to provide these things for themselves in a legal and peaceful manner!

Governments across Nigeria constitute themselves into agents of destabilization, destruction of lives, properties and destinies. Most governments across Nigeria can be conveniently described as organized witchcraft, dedicated to the task of frustrating the efforts of their people to have good life, through wicked, insensitive policies. They destroy the legal means of livelihood of the ordinary man, render him impotent financially and otherwise then like a specimen in a laboratory, manipulate him towards total dominance where the the oppressor becomes the Messiah, through “philanthropy”

Presently in Imo state one person reigns supreme. He wakes up every day to gleefully inflict hardship on the ordinary persons in the streets. With juvenile spontaneity and a strain of fanaticism that can only be found in suicide bombers and other psychopaths, He orders the destruction of roads, markets or anything at all that catches his fancy- simultaneously too. The primary motivation? It seems is just to show those he assumes dominion over WHO IS MASTER! For none of the projects is fully completed nor commissioned. The very few that was arbitrarily declared completed where done with the lowest quality skills and materials.

Eke-Ukwu Owerri and many other markets across Imo state were reduced to the emptiness they are today through such remorseless psychopathic show of power and force. Many families where sent home to the rural areas, many dead from hunger and suffering

Many ancestral family Homes are on the verge of being carted away by erosion caused by a government who promised to build roads but abandoned them after scrapping the roads. Many had left their homes to squat with neighbors and has no assurance of return soon.

On 3oth Jan. 2018, the almighty Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha emerged from his usual immersion into power and dominance and rushed down to Akokwa, the only town in Ideato North Local Government Area with a daily market. On arrival, he blocked the road to announce (for the first time and perhaps the last time) his intention to demolish the Orie Akokwa Market and build a modern market. The Okada riders and few Traders present rejected the governor’s offer immediately, and told him to his face to complete the ones he started and leave them to build their market. He felt humiliated and hurriedly left. But before he left shamefully, he told them to wait for him “next week” since they are (in his exact words) “Bush Men”.

After a week of that inglorious visit, the Governor returned: not to inform the traders, artisans and service providers where to stay and do their businesses during the demolition and rebuilding , at the very least to sustain their lives. No the governor sent Bulldozer on the “Bush Men” and razed down the whole market to dust, throwing the whole community into anarchy, poverty and more hardship.

One would have expected a government that plans well for its people to sensitize and educate the people on the need and necessity for modern market structure, give them a reasonable timeframe to adjust, provide a temporary alternative to be used so as to sustain themselves and their families pending when the market is fully completed.

No! Rochas is the Master, He decides who will eat food. Argue it to your own Peril.

One month after the demolition, nothing on ground shows that the market will be rebuilt soon, rather there seem to be incitement to trigger confusion in the community so at abandon the Market project – for reasons unknown to the ordinary person.

The traders, market woman, artisans, service providers and thousands who make a living from that market are now jobless and hungry.

Lock-shops and Shanties owners along the major Roads of that community were also ordered to remove them with immediate effect to pave way for the dualization of those roads. Up till this moment, nothing has been done about the market nor the road.

The once daily busy mini Onitsha Main Market- Akokwa is now reduced to a petty market of Umbrellas by no other than Master Rochas.

Perhaps all these might be to pave way to impose his son in-law Uche Nwosu as his successor, as the person that will complete these project he set out do barely 12 months before he leaves office.

Who knows!

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