Hate speech, what is it?

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Under the current administration, all the known freedom of speech,freedom of association and all forms of fundamental human rights are being eroded, and those that still exist are in the process of being removed.

Why is the buhari’s bent on shutting down all their critics? While some in the southwest sing and dance for this current government,the undeniable truth remains that the country is being driving by a retired,outdated and clueless driver,who is without doubt leading the whole country into dark ages!

Critic’s are the mirror with which government/politicians checkmate their actions while in office! Nevertheless, the APC government,lead by Buhari, is bent on abolishing all existing rights that allows NIGERIANS to speak against the evil that is being perpetuated in the country under his watch, to deny the masses involvement in determining howthey are governed, as well as the opportunity to criticize government or any politician as they deem right!

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Now the executive and the legislature are moving towards passing a law to give them self immunity in that, if you are critical of their criminality, barbarism,corruption,nepotism, lavish life style for them and their families, or if you are brave enough to demand for accountability,you will be jailed or hanged for hate speech!

The Hate speech bill would allow the fulani herdsmen to continue with their ethnic cleansing and religious motivated killings. It is a calculated plot to silence all critics and people of conscience from speaking up against the evil plot for northern dominance and the Islamization of Nigeria!

Some believe, that the ultimate aim of this administration, is to protect the Fulani herdsmen and protect them from their critics less they are proscribed a terrorist group under the law of the country. Internationally, the Fulani herdsmen have been proscribed as the world 4th most dangerous terrorist group, but to buhari and his government these killers are “mere criminals”. The same government that told Nigerians about the unity of the country being none negotiable and how some peoples actions is not tolerable and crossed ” our national red lines” whatever that means! This same government proscribed IPOB, not minding that they have never killed or carried AK47 like the Fulani herdsmen! But the buhari government chose to proscribe them terrorist and would he not allow that the Fulani herdsmen who are the actually terrorists to be proscribed!

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The actors in this government are not happy that people talk about them, or about how the government have been taken over by northern cabals and made up of mostly Muslims.

They do not want people to query their activities and the presidents double standards. When Fulani herdsmen kill, the government appears powerless, but when IPOB conduct a peaceful demonstration the President sends soldiers to waste young life’s for simply exercising their fundamental human rights!

When the northern youths gave Igbo traders in the north quite notice, which amounted to treasonable offence, but the buharis,appeared deaf, pretending not to have heard about the threats made! It appears that when the Hausa Fulani people are in the wrong the government of buhari and APC pretends not to notice. But when its those from the southeast the government starts puffin and huffing!

The entire national security chiefs are northerners, hausa fulanis and Muslims. The introduction of the so called hate speech,would mean that speaking out against nepotism and injustices could be named hate speech, you are not supposed to raise the alarm nor criticize them less you are arrested for hate speech! How could you have a country of multiple nations and one ethnic group is dominating by more than 90% of the government powerful offices.

A government the can only be defined as nepotistic in all ramifications wants to protect itself from being criticised. I am shocked that Nigerians are not yet alarmed at the consequences of this piece of legislation if it is allowed to go through!

Where you expect Nigerians to challenge the status quo in unison, they will leave you disappointed but where you rather they remain mute and show support there they will choose to be critical, turning against those that are out to fight for their interests!

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