Danjuma re-echoed the words of Nnamdi KANU,but, it may have come a little too late!

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What could have led a man who over the years,had served in the Nigerian army at the topmost hierarchy and during his time had participated to inflict so much pain on people of the south east, for daring to break away from the same country, that he has now lost hope and confidence on! Why this sudden shift in his position and why this late? How come he is just waking up so late to what have been the reality of the Igbo’s for over five decades?

As the saying goes, when it’s not directly affecting you or your people in Nigeria, standing with the oppressor is the right position to take. However, as soon as you are affected you tend to shift positions. Some may argue that the igbo’s should not join or lend their voices to this late cry from people that have always been part of a failed system that are now crying because it has now reached their door steps!!

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The former military Chief, in a public address warned his people and other Nigerians of the danger that is looming ahead and draw their attention to the “conspiracy and the complacency of the Nigeria military” about the Fulani herdsmen killings, which is taking place up and down the country.

This must be a big blow to the current government that had thought that Nigerian were all blind and oblivious to the ethnic cleansing going on in the country for which the current administration pretends not to be aware of or powerless to manage.

The military had suggested that they chose to be neutral on the matter of Fulani herdsmen killings? How can the Nigerian military choose to be neutral when other Nigerians are being killed by Hausa Fulani herdsmen?A world renowned terrorists!

The same military got involved when IPOB was merely exercising their fundamental human rights to demand for freedom by referendum? No arms were involved, no killings and people were going about their everyday lives!

This is the same buhari, that dispatched his Soldiers to Umuahia to kill IPOB members and other innocent citizens in that region for merely exercising their fundamental human rights and demanding for their freedom. From a Nigeria that is controlled by Hausa Fulani and Fulani herdsmen which has been re-echoed by TY Danjuma!

The buhari’s argued that they (IPOB) had crossed “national red line” whatever that means! Whatever your position is about IPOB, you must remember that no weapon was involved and no loss of lives were reported. Nevertheless, the Buhari’s still felt that IPOB were a threat to his now known Islamisation agenda.

The Fulani herdsmen are killing Nigerians in all parts of the country in their numbers and the same buhari’s government is looking the other way! What a dubble standard and a nepotistic President!

If the military is not “colluding” with these bandits and terrorists, why are they able to move around the country freely toting arms? The ethnic composition of the national security personnel should sound a warning to people of goodwill and conscience in Nigeria.

One may be led to take the position that other Nigerians would take if the people of the south east were to be at the receiving end. But far be it from me, for injustice against One is injustice against all!!

Now that the former army’s chief has learnt his voice,to the conspiracy of this APC buhari led government and their support for the Hausa Fulanis to be killing other Nigerians, it has become news and every one is talking it. But IPOB LEADER had said exactly the same thing way before now and he was not taking seriously.

Nigerians are mere reactive people and with that attitude, one may conclude that the country is going no where anytime soon!

Why should this government be quick to proscribe a group that was not armed but merely demanding for equity and justice, but refuses to proscribe an obvious terrorist group?

The south west must for once be bold and join other Nigerian in condemning the evil of this APC and buhari’s government instead of being selfish and concentrating on political positions given to them to buy their conscience.

What else are Nigerians waiting for, before they will stand up against the killings of non-muslims in this country?

Are Nigerians waiting for when the hate speech bill is passed so that they are not able to publicly condemn these barbaric acts before lending their voices against this wicked and nepotistic government?

The southwest and others supporting the Buhari’s mission must reconsider their position and selfish gains to stand for the truth regardless of who is persecuted.

The Yorubas have played a big role in the exhibition of injustices against other tribes in Nigeria, more specifically against the igbos for their selfish gains and this had to stop. This is not to suggest that the same should be done to them in any form or shape. But they must learn that what goes around comes around.

It is north-east today and it might be south-west next.

Topic to be continued……..


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