Cyprian Kizito Lwanga Warns Museveni on Spies

Good Friday celebrations are normally characterized by the famous “walk of the cross” as practiced by the Roman Catholics & the Anglicans in major towns of the country with Kampala Capital City headlining the events for Uganda’s major faiths.

In the spirit of the holidays, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali led the Anglican delegation through the Good Friday celebrations from All Saints – Nakasero, the Orthodox started their movements from the church headquarters in Namagoona and convened with all other denominations at Old Kampala Field for joint prayers in the spirit of unity.


Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

The prayers were chaired and led by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who used this opportunity to voice out a warning to President Yoweri Museveni and his spying network. The Archbishop was angry to learn that some of the recent priest defectors are selling information citing that he plans to overthrow Museveni’s government. He noted that his source revealed that a lot of misleading information has been passed onto Directorate of Criminal Investigation & Crime Intelligence, CID and the Internal Security Organization, ISO.

Police officers, members of ISO, CID, ESO and CMI! I call upon on you; stop telling lies, stop misreading our president! Mr President, we love you very much and that’s why we’ve been electing you! These people are your enemies, there are going to make you fail because your mind is poisoned and you act on that false and misleading information” – Cyprian Kizito.

He went on and said member of the security organizations have recruited Priest, Sisters, Brothers and Seminarians and give them huge amounts of money which prompts them to “build” information that Archbishop  Cyprian wants to overthrow the Museveni led government. An anonymous source revealed these details to the aging Archbishop who was dismayed and disturbed by these stories as he might be the next Archbishop Janani Luwum. The Archbishop went on to reveal that he had a telephone conversation with the president on this matter. The Archbishop took a quick jab and advised the President to form a road construction company and employ these carriers of misreading Intel as operatives to fill up pot holes throughout the country.


The Late Archbishop Janani Luwum

“Janani Luwum was Archbishop of the church of Uganda 1974-77 and one of the most influential leaders of the modern church in Africa. He was assassinated on February 17th 1977 under the rule of Idi Amin for openly criticizing the government”

Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga went turned the guns to the Member of Parliament on the recent financial stance. He wondered how our political heads formed quorum and decided to allocate over 14 billion shillings to treat diseases in cattle and just 1 billion to kids battling the nodding disease in northern Uganda.

“Members of Parliament should have justice, we elected you to represent us (may be the cows too) but the cows never elected you” – Archbishop  Cyprian Lwanga.

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