Today,wakeupafrica has a question for Nigeria’s ruling class: why do you hate our country and its citizens with passion?

As a passionate Nigerian, I believed in Nigeria and I am of the view that Nigeria could be one of the greatest country in the world, if there is a plan and the will to do so!

But standing between Nigeria and her success is the ruling class, the recycled and outdated politicians of today. These people have been the reason Nigeria has remained a sharmbolic, unproductive and none progressive country! If these will continue to be the state of things in the country, then it would be right to suggest that the union is not working and all nations involved should go their seperate ways!

How could they claim to love the country and the citizens, but find it difficult to provide them with basic infrastructures such as; Healthcare (hospitals), electricity, good roads,good education, water and good transport network,which the country can easily afford.

These are just basic infrastructures that will make life easy for the citizens of Nigeria. But Mr integrity in his over 3 years in office, have borrowed over N7 trillion and done no infrastructure development.

He has spent over $3 billion dollars in search of oil deposit in the northern states wasting resource that could have been used to increase electricity capacity in the country which would inturn create jobs and employment!

What about the $25 billion dollar NNPC illegal contract? that also have been buried with no explanation!!

When they and their families are sick, they travel abroad to country’s where other leaders have provided good medical infrastructures for their citizens to get treatments at the expense of Nigerians! ( Shameless!)


Nigerians are still waiting for his broadcast to caution the Fulani herdsmen,or at what point will their barbaric killings going to cross “The national RED lines”!

The current President have been preaching to the rest of Nigerians about the Unity of the country with emphasis on how it is none negotiable. At one point he sent soldiers on a mission that was code named oppression python dance and many armless and innocent Nigerians were killed, simply because they solicited for their independence out of the cruel and hopeless Structure of the country.

The north have declined and opposed restructuring the country, because lack of equitability is feeding their objectives to dominate the rest.

However, since the administration Buhari,the Fulani herdsmen have killed thousands and displaced more and the same president and his army appears powerless to stop this known terrorist group. No body in the Buhari’s security structure gives others to stop the killings being perpetrated by the Fulani herdsmen. But rather it has been alleged that following public outcry, the army or police could be drafted in to appease the people meanwhile the terrorists would move away at the time that this visit will take place and they come back again when the security agencies have left!

May I employ all right thinking Nigerians not to vote APC or PDP in the up coming election and any subsequent elections. Do not be deceived to vote for any ex military officer or any ex president or vice for that matter. They all needs to be banned from Nigerian politics.

This 2019 election should be an opportunity to take action as opposed to being reactive and continue to complain after another monster have been elected into office of governance.

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