2019 presidential election,how will you vote?

Nigeria is a country where people are thought to make positive confessions regarding their needs and what they need for their future, especially within the Christian faith. However, this teachings, have also had a negative impact on the ability of the people to make sound decisions about the choices they make in electing leaders for the country, which is rather the opposite of what it is intended to archive.

Most Nigerians would prefer to believe that they have a bright future and the same could be said of the country too (Nigeria). Even when all evidences and the current state of affairs in the country suggests the opposite, these set of Nigerians, that are like Nigeria and her politicians prefers not to hear the truth about the possible collapse of her existence! (Positive confession!!)

How can a “country” survive with no blue print,no set objectives, not even 12 months of a realistic plan about her possible future!

What is happening in Nigeria at the moment, is that the Hausa’s wants to remain in power indefinitely and the Yoruba politicians have taken their natural position under the Hausa Fulani’s dinning table to pick up all the crumps and scraps,(political appointments)

As a result they (southwest politicians) are very comfortable with the state of the nation and their position and their supporters will follow them, casting their votes mindlessly. The ” minority ethnic groups, appears to be more concerned about Igbo traders expanding in their localities than they are to the state of the union and the negative impact its having on them, their children and the limits it holds on their future chances, especially those from the oil producing states.

How could people be blinded not to understand that they are as actually as disadvantaged as the Igbo people themselves!

The Igbo’s currently are the only rivals of the Hausa’s, and the Hausa’s are doing their very best to keep the Igbo’s as far away from power as they possibly can and that can be seen in the appointments made by Buhari’s government.

In view of the stated facts, one may conclude that project Nigeria is not destined to succeed, because, without equity and justice for all it stands to chance, its only a matter of time!

The fact that some group wants to dominate others by forming alliances with less ambitious groups to subdue it’s rivalry is the more reason to believe that the project Nigeria idea highly likely to fail,

The fact that one group in the project feels marginalized, means that it will continue to be a rat race until it eventually breaks up,unless things are done the rightly. The poplar opinion is that the status quo is not going to change in the for seeable future. Many also argue, that it is highly unlikely that change will happen in the country at all with these breed of politicians.

The coalition of the Northern and southwestern politicians produced the government of GMB under the flagship of APC political party.

To all well meaning stake holders of the Nigeria project, the overwhelming consensus is that of regret that they were deceived into voting for APC which have failed woefully. The APC have failed their voters in all their promises and they have also divided the country more than ever,along ethnic lines.

The economy of the country is in shambles,corruption has more than tripled and killing of Nigerians by the Fulani herdsmen remains a problem that the same government chose to ignore.

It is unbelievable that some Nigerians are still oblivious to the actual situation in the country and as it is there are no end in sight to this situation that is have spiralled out of hand.

It is in the up coming election of 2019 that Nigerians should stand up to be counted. They must confront the biggest enemy of the country, these old breed politicians who year on year have continued to drag the country backward. They must all go into retirement for the next generation to take over and govern the country with new ideas!

The young ones have also been corrupted but the old generation must be phased out before Nigeria could make any meaningful progress.

The era if godfathers must be brought to an end and Nigerians should vehemently reject these men and women the follower-ship that they thrive on.

None of this so called politician’s in Nigeria have created anything to solve the country’s problems. They have no intention to move the country forward, because if the country moved forward they would not be needed as such for them to remain relevant they need to keep the country down and divided.

But for the youths of this country that will still be around for the next 40 to 50 years, to them I must remind that in the up coming 2019 elections they must take the bull by the horn. There should be no ex military or ex president or vice president for that matter that should be given a ticket to govern the country again.

There are men and women in the country that have run successful businesses that are not politicians that can be elected to preside over the affairs of Nigeria. This is very possible, my only concern would be with our brothers and sisters from the south west. They have built the reputation over many years of siding anything and anybody that will offer them positions in government regardless of the damage that such individuals may cause the country.th

If they can be convinced by the rest of the southern Nigerians to change their mentality then Nigeria may stand a chance of being transformed within two decades. I am of the view that Nigeria stands a chance to move forward if the entire southern Nigerians stick together.

Never again should Nigerians be deceived to elect an uneducated president and a vision less one for that matter. Before you are told to vote for a President because he is going to give two people from your ethnic group positions in government, you must ask your self how would that change your life or give a better future to your children. In this up coming election it is important that Nigerians Begin to think critically and use their common sense.

Let’s be honest, if Atiku Abubaka is the best candidate that PDP has to offer Nigerians, then Nigerian’s should have no business voting for PDP! The same is to be said about APC which is by definition the most harmful political coalition in the history of Nigeria. This north and south west coalition have divided already broken country even more.

Another 4 years of APC would have turned Nigeria into a potential Muslim country or one that the Hausa Fulani will kill as they wish and nothing will happen to them!

The current trend of the Fulani herdsmen, killing with impunity and the entire law enforcement agencies in the country appeared powerless. If that is not enough,to suggest that,there is a deliberate attempt by the current administration to allow this murderous terrorist groups, to continue these barbaric killings for the purposes of supremacy, I wander what else will!

I encourage all Nigerians to go out and register to vote, obtain your voters card,be sure you are all ready and set to vote. Remember that if you vote right APC and PDP can be voted out regardless of how much money they spend. An independent candidate can win the election if Nigerians want a true change!

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