Leader’s give thoughts on the Archbishop’s outcry

The Archbishop’s out cry about spies in the church dominated news headlines over the Easter holiday with politicians and other religious leaders voicing their opinions on the matter.

The Archbishop was furious in his Easter Sunday message; he was angry that government is using errant priests and other members of the Catholic Church to offer false information to spying agencies. He refuted that its better the sitting cabinet involves religious leader in the nation building cycle rather than spy on them.

“If it concerns religious leaders, every bishop has a secret file that relates to all his subordinates! Some of these where expelled from church for a host of reasons to do with their personal life or church practice. The government employs them as spies in the same churches they were ousted from! Imagine such altercations!!” – Offended Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

Pastor Martin Ssempa, a renowned evangelist declined to comment on the matter, he would rather let judgment take its due course. Funny thing is, where do you see judgment in this? The Archbishop isn’t prosecuting these spies or the NRM government but rather voicing concerns on the matter. Its unfortunate the outspoken evangelist decided to distant himself from the matter.


Pastor Martin Ssempa

The Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Hon. Ssemujju Nganda wasn’t surprised to learn that the “beloved NRM government spies on religious leaders, he went on a side these spying acts by Museveni’s Government are meant to weaken the church and undermined its influence in society.

“The NRM Government does so to influence who is head in church, they wants to make sure most of future church leaders are NRM carders. In that if the church comes up to protect any practice of the government, the errant the priests can come to the media and dismantle that as if they hail from a place of power in the church hierarchy.”

The MP went on to console the Archbishop saying he faces the same situations in his daily live as a member of opposition in the parliament.


Hon Ssemujju Nganda at a recent local gathering

“Just recently, unidentified persons where over my neighborhood asking residents if I have any security guards at my residence, we all live in a time of fear!” – Hon. Ssemujju

Former Internal Security Organization boss, David Pukol said these allegations violate church leaders’ rights and freedoms to privacy.

“Security agencies trying to play divide and rule within the church should be condemned. Why would one spy on people who aren’t moving guns, troops and have no intentions to take the presidential seat?” – Pukol

The former ISO boss advices monies wasted on such operations should be diverted to facilitate and deter the current influx of criminal activities in arrears of Wakiso and heads of these operations should be called to order for this ill practice.

The Army Spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire refuted these allegations saying these agencies don’t exist to spy on religious leaders but play an important role in ensuring security to the nationals as per the constitution


Brig. Richard Karemire


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