The clamour for unity in Nigeria, is it motivated by oil?

The availability of oil in the southern part of Nigeria is the only reason the country is still together! Take away the oil and you may agree with me that the north, south-south and the south-east do not have much or anything in common. They do not inter-marry nor have they the same religious or cultural values!

The only viable reason for which the northern politicians appear to love the country so much, and continue to insist on its unity at all cost, could be linked to the availability of the oil in the south for which they currently control.

It is glaringly obvious that without the oil in the south, the northern Nigeria may not be calling for unity as it’s currently the case. It would be hard to imagine the north wanting to be united with the south, especially the east and the south-south as they choose to call it when in fact, a southerner and a northerner hardly have anything in common!

The British initiated the union for their economic gains and they further sponsored Nigeria against Biafra during the civil war to maintain and protect their interests in their former colony! As a result, millions lost their lives in the south-east, south-south and some parts of today’s Delta area!

The northern and south-eastern part of the union have not got much in common: from Religion to culture, the ways of life are completely the opposite of each other.

In view of the current state of the union and how one sided it appears to be. Many have called for the country to be restructured to allow true federalism and development. But yet again, the north out of selfish interests are not in support of restructuring because restructuring will mean that they will loose monopoly and control of the oil resource which they currently have and they will have nothing to gain.

Nonetheless, I am of the view that Nigeria could be one of the greatest country in the world, only if there is a defined unity of purpose and equity for the diverse ethnic groups.

Furthermore, Nigeria needs to be restructured so that regions could develop in accordance with their pace of endeavour, just as it were over 50 years ago.

Having said that, it must also be said that, If the Buhari’s clamour for unity, is solely for the benefit of the Hausa Fulani to maintain power at all cost, then the country will end up in gloomy waters like those before it!!!

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