Another blow to the fragile democracy in Nigeria!

The mace was bundled away in broad day light

The Nigerian Senate was on high alert Wednesday after some alleged armed men interrupted a session at Nigeria’s parliament, stealing its mace.

The men were allegedly led by suspended lawmaker Ovie Omo-Agege who seized the symbol of authority from the upper legislative chambers sitting in Nigeria’s capital Abuja, the Senate said.
The incident was branded “an act of treason” by Aliyu Abdullahi, a Senate spokesman who said the lawmaker was trying to overthrow a branch of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Video credit: channels TV

How could this have happened? some alleged that the National Assembly has brought this shame upon on the country, by taking laws into its own hands and acting above the law. Were the national assembly legally on the right to sack Ovie Omo-Agege?

Video credit: channels TV

How shameful can it get, Nigeria has continued to be on the news for all the wrong reasons since APC assumed office. The country has lost all of its international accredited positions. from economic down turn to security, inflation and the rest of it. The president and his chief security officers are not in harmony about the information they disseminate to Nigerians and the world!

In Nigeria, it appears that both the executives and the legislature, spend most of their time debating about themselves and their interests, as such that the purpose for which they have been elected are no longer relevant.

The executive have made no progress in the business of moving Nigeria forward. Neither have the enacted policies that will positively impact the life of Nigerians. In a similar position the supposed law makers spend all their time in the National Assembly talking about themselves protecting their interests and forgetting the business of making laws .

It is clear that if these men and women in charge of Nigeria affairs today are allowed to continue, then the citizens of the country will be doomed forever because there is nothing for ordinary citizens in the agenda of the so called ” Legislooters and the executhieves” in Nigeria. They are just bunch of jokers collated and joined together in the rat race!

what next for Nigeria and it’s ordinary citizens? as the country continues in the path of shame.


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