President Buhari meeting with Trump.


The Nigerian President Muhammad’s Buhari is currently in the United States on a scheduled meeting to the White House.

During his conversation with the American president, he reiterated that the Fulani herdsmen are invaders from the former Libyan leader Gaddafi. He maintained that after the demise of the former Islamic Republic leader, that his foreign soldiers returned to their home country and towns, with ammunitions and military training.

His admission is that, the Fulani herdsmen that are killing Nigerians are foreigners. According to him the Fulani herdsmen and farmers clash in Nigeria has gone on for years, he further stated in his effort to defend the much controversial herdsmen killing farmers, or as some mainstream Media choose to portray it! Herdsmen/ Farmers clash.

In his words, he maintained his believe that traditional herders only carry stick and in some instances machetes to cut down trees for their herds.

video credit; channels TV

Many devastated families who have lost family members and livelihood may disagree with the presidents assertion.

Many will argue that if the “Fulani herdsmen” killing Nigerians are indeed foreigners as alleged by the president. Why is then difficult for the government of Buhari to declare them terrorists instead of describing them as mere criminals!

Why is the Nigeria army not able to find these foreigners and kill them? Why are security agencies mute about these killings and why are these herdsmen being given first class citizens treatment by this government of Buhari?

Stay with for more and up coming press conference!!


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