The hypocrisy and nepotism of the Buhari’s administration

Respect for Freedom of expression and the recognition of fundamental human rights, are proceeds of a true democracy!

During the past administration of GEJ, Nigeria enjoyed unprecedented freedom of expression, self determination and the fundamental human rights of citizens, were not trampled upon. Nonetheless, the same administration will go down as the most criticised and demonised government in the history of the amalgamation of the different states that make up Nigeria!

Nevertheless, most Nigerians will for a very long time, live with the regrets of loosing what they took for granted during the immediate past administration. The then President (GEJ) advised Nigerians, of what they will lose if his government was to be dethroned in 2015. ( GEJ quote)

Fast forward 3 years after the dethrone of GEJ in 2014: Nigeria has regressed beyond every available and imaginable evidence and forecast

Recession, hate, nepotism Religious discrimination and ethnic divide has widened more than ever, killings has almost become a norm. The killings of non-muslims in the north and northeast can only be described as pandemic with ethnic cleansing tendencies by all school of thoughts.

Government harassment with the intention to silence opposition and ordinary citizens, for daring to speak up against injustices and nepotism of Buhari and his APC government.

The government has been accused of deodorisation of their party members corrupt practices, while it embarked on the incarceration of non-party members, non-allies and oppositions!

This behaviour by the government has been alleged to be a deliberate move to silence every opposition of this government, be it private citizens or political parties, this current administration does not want to be criticized, hence they exhibit such level of autocratic governance that is witnessed by all.

Before progressing, let’s remind ourselves that Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in Africa and deemed a good place for investments, during the immediate past administration. Employment was on the increase and food was still available and affordable by ordinary citizens! This is not to say that the past administration had it all covered, but no government can be perfect. However, the availability of food, jobs and international image was mostly important and the past administration was doing well in this regard.

There are other areas that they could have done better, like increasing power generation to reduce the cost of production and boost productivity. However, Nigeria had the privilege of having her best and internationally recognised professional in the person of Okonjo Iweala as the finance minister. She could speak to her colleagues in the IMF and others, because as an insider, she understood the pros and cones within the financial and economic framework!

Having said that, let’s come back once again, to where Nigeria has found itself today. The APC rose to power because the north wanted power by all means and the southwest was aggrieved that GEJ government, was not giving their political leaders the appointments they wanted, and in view of that the APC was formed, which is simply a coalition of north and southwest. Hold that in one hand while you digest the following explanation;

The current structure of Nigeria means that no one tribe can win an election without the support of another! That is exactly what happened in this case. However, the question remains if this change was in the overall interest of the country?

The obvious answer is no. It was outright selfish, wicked and for that reason, Nigeria has gradually descended into anarchy that is there for all to see.

If the south-south, southeast and northeast can come together in like-manner, they will also win any election.

The hypocrisy of Buharis government!

Buhari just before September 2017 was in London for medical treatment for a duration of over 3 months. When eventually he was driving out of Abuja house, the residence of the Nigerian envoy in London, some resilient Nigerians who argued, thought he should go home to govern or resign! On getting home Buhari ordered the Nigerian army on operation python dance to the eastern part of Nigeria. In what many believed to be malicious and unnecessary. Hundreds of innocent easterners lost their lives, and their crimes was for demanding for a referendum! The group IPOB was proscribed as a terrorist group, although internationally that did not get any support!

And they killed innocent youths that were harmless, simply for “demanding for a referendum”

Before you conclude as most Nigerians do, allow me to explain: Civil unrest in any country is not a crime, neither does demanding for self determination qualify any group as terrorists. It is however, the responsibility and the duty of the police to deal with civil unrest, instead, the army that is not trained to manage civilians were sent to provoke the people to anger and kill them!

Similarly, you now have Fulani herdsmen killing Nigerians who are non-muslims in southern Kaduna and northeast Nigeria. First the Buhari government said that they are mere criminals and not terrorists even though by all terrorists definition they are terrorists and they bear arms.

He later alleged that they are foreign fighters from Libya that have invaded Nigeria killing Nigerians and nobody with the government security agencies could order the same military to go after them to protect Nigerians that are being killed! Foreign fighters invaded Nigeria and the Nigeria army can not confront them!!!

The same army, that could dance python dance to young people in Umuahia in the southeast of the country, have remained powerless in tackling “invading enemies”!!!

In view of that, some argue that the reason the same military whose sole responsibility is to protect Nigeria have suddenly gone quiet and chosen to be “neutral” is in compliance of the law, “because it is the duty of the police.” Why aren’t orders being given for them to go and fight this Fulani herdsmen terrorists, or foreign criminals, whichever sounds better for Buhari and his government! What a double standard and hypocrisy of the highest order!

It was the same cold response from the security agencies, when the same herdsmen went to Nimbo community in Enugu state killing as they wished, while the army and police were nowhere to be seen after being informed of the intended attack before hand. But soon after the killings the army and police are rolled out to prevent reprisal attacks!

This type of behavior from the security agencies under this administration calls for concern and Nigerians must pay attention to this trend. People must remember that all the security heads in the country under this government are all Muslims and northerners!

The governor of Benue state, also re-echoed this fear when he informed the security agencies of the planned killings that was to take place beforehand and still the army and police were not given orders to protect non-muslim Nigerians in the northeast, southwest, middle belt and southeast

The leader of IPOB NNAMDI KANU, had warned of this deliberate killings of non-muslims and as it’s said in Nigeria, he is inconsequential as such his warnings were not heeded to. But now, a retired army general has lent his voice to the same incidents. It has become a topic for national discussion, simply because it was coming from T Y Danjuma!


Under Buhari and APC government, all heads of security agencies are all from the north and are Hausa / Fulani and Muslims! What this means is that the same people are not ready to give others against Fulani herdsmen. Hence T Y Danjuma accused the army of colluding with the terrorists.

The mainstream media outlets in Nigeria have chosen to favour the current administration by not calling a spade a spade. Either for them not to lose funding or for fear of being shutdown, otherwise, how could these Fulani herdsmen, invade people’s homes and farm lands, kill them and destroy their home desecrating the entire community and the only heading you find to describe it is, herdsmen/ farmers clash?

It is indeed very shameful how some very popular media outlets have allowed themselves to be used by the current administration and with such level of hold on them, they have lost that which they represent, beating the government to account for their actions. The have also lost being what they are supposed to be: neutral, transparent and the voice of the voiceless!

Let us know what you think about this events unforlding under this goverment, we would be pleased to hear from you

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