President Buhari and his team are unelectable!

“Democracy in Nigeria is dying little by little.”

Video credit: OAK TV

Senator enyinnaya Abaribe has once again stated the obvious.

This morning in the Hallow chamber of National Assembly, he stated that Nigeria’s democracy is dying little by little. This is following the consistent unacceptable behaviour of the IGP. He has continued to disregard and disrespect the law makers’ invitations.

It appears that the chief security officer does not understand democracy or democratic process. “If the chief security officer continues to disobey the law of the land, one wonders what an ordinary citizen is expected to do”

You may recall that senator enyinnaya not too long ago implied that the president is incompetent, following the expenditures without the approval of the law makers. He stated that such behaviour should not be tolerated because he disregarded the constitutional provision of the country and his office. It’s now a matter of if the head is wrong, what then do you expect of the entire body.

Nigeria has an IGP that is disobedient to her legislative body, and a Commander in Chief that is disobedient to the constitutional provision of the country he is presiding over!

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