President Buhari returns to Nigeria after medical checkup in London!

A country is not worth being a country, if the president can not have his medical checkup in the country he is presiding over!!

video credit: channels TV

The president of Nigeria returned to the country yesterday after a medical checkup stopover in London. On his arrival, the president stated that it was no big deal that he stopped-over in London for medical checkup.

In his response to the press questions, he stated in quote, “you are the one pressing for a statement, what for?” The president may have to be reminded that him stopping over in London costs money which is not his and he needed to explain to Nigerians why that money had to be spent for the stopover.

Video credit:channels TV

If Nigerians cannot get good medical care in the country that he is leading, he should also share the same faith, and not spend funds from the government’s coffers, as if its his personal money.

The presidents response and body language suggests that he is far removed from the reality of his position.

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