The Ekiti gubernatorial elections would hold very soon, and as usual there are many individuals contesting for the Number One position in the state. One person stands out though, Tosin Ajibare a.k.a Gold, the youngest of all the contestants (35 years) and with a different approach, message and disposition to politics.

Previously this may have seemed like inordinate ambition, but in a fast-changing world where we have seen the likes of Macron and Mohammed Bin Salman become leaders of their respective countries, anything can happen.

Tosin Ajibare Gold who runs under (Independent Democrats) party is one man who is determined to make a difference in Ekiti State.


The mission of the party includes

  1. To liberate Ekiti from parasitic leaders.
  2. To usher in a new generation of leaders that fear God, respect the people and love the motherland.
  3. To run a government where the lost hope of the younger generation is restored and the fears of the older generation are erased.
  4. To create wealth and development through massive investment in our people.


The ID part has only one point addendum (Human Capital Development) which the party intends to use to end poverty and unemployment. However, they will tackle this agenda through seven key sectors such as Agriculture, Electricity, Industrialization, Housing, Education, Health, POPP (people oriented policies and procedures)

5 reasons why the youth in Ekiti should participate actively in this youth revolution:

  1. Uncertainty of the future
  2. Hope for the youth
  3. Hope for the common man/masses
  4. Impotence of protests
  5. Failure of unions

With this breathe of fresh air in the forth-coming Ekiti politics, one can say that a new dawn is here for the youth in Ekiti. But will they do the right thing?

Photo Credit- Tosin Ajibare


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