The complex seats on 24 Thousand Hectares and cost the Nigerian government $8 Billion dollars to build but was neglected for years because of oil revenue. According to Mr Sunmaila Abdul Akaba “The body of the plant is still intact, what we are trying to do is to re-engineer the foundation of the plant and try to make them work. we also have the light mills that produce iron rods that are 100% available” He ended by saying that very soon all the plants will be in full operations.

According to a video shared by Aljazeerah, the plans have come to life after two decade with two power plants of electricity 100 megawatts and 70 megawatts to help the poor electricity in the country. though the project may take another year or two to start big steel operations, however, small operations are being handled by the local engineers.

Though there are obvious challenges, nevertheless the project which was taken back by the government is forging on. Lets see how far it would go.

Do you think the Ajaokuta steel would be completed in the next 18 months as stipulated?

Video Credit- Aljazeerah

Photo Credit -Premium Times Opinion

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