M7’s Plan To Make Uganda Safe Again

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Wednesday delivered a speech to the nation concerning the state of security in the country. This was a result of several crimes of murder, robbery and kidnappings which the security organs have failed to unravel. In some of these cases, senior law enforcement officers have been implicated to have been involved. It is against this background that Museveni laid out a Ten Point Plan to return sanity to the state of security in Uganda.


H.E. Yoweri K. Museveni

  1. In his first point, he talked about the fingerprinting of all firearms in the country, belonging to both the security agencies and civilians. This shall be done by conducting ballistic tests of each gun to establish its unique ballistic fingerprint. We presume this data shall be kept in a database against which all bullets recovered from crime scenes shall be run to identify the gun which fired the shots and the person or institution responsible for that particular gun.
  2. Every motor vehicle, car or bike shall be required to get a new number plate which shall be embedded with GPS trackers to ease the identification, tracking and location of vehicles involved in crimes.
  3. He re-emphasized the banning of wearing of hooded jackets by motorcycle riders. This he first said during the funeral of former Aria municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, who was murdered by hooded motorcyclists. He added that all riders should wear helmets with reflective numbers on them for easy identification.
  4. Museveni again talked about the installation of surveillance cameras in all public places so that crucial evidence is captured in form of video which can be used to identify and pin the suspects.
  5. The government is going to set up a modern forensic laboratory which shall be equipped with advanced technology and personnel, to process and analyse crime scenes and evidence.
  6. The President instructed the police to revive the 999 emergency hotline and tasked the Flying Squad unit to rapidly respond to emergency situations. The flying squad shall be equipped with advanced technology to perform this task.
  7. The government is going to used unmanned aerial vehicles popularly known as drones to carry out surveillance of a wide area from the skies. These drones shall provide intelligence to the ground based officers.
  8. Uganda Revenue Authority shall be equipped with modern technology to apprehend people who are trying to smuggle illegal items like firearms, and materials used to make weapons.
  9. The use of social media, Lawbreakers use social media to threaten violence and create panic. We are going to acquire capacity to quickly locate criminals abusing social media. The government does not want to block these sites but we shall pick out the jiggers. We won’t cut the entire foot.
  10. The President is focused on building a small well equipped professional army that is backed up by a large reserve force to protect the nation from any form of attack, especially from rebel elements hiding in the Democratic republic of Congo.

The President said that all the technology required to beef up our security will be locally sourced to ensure Uganda doesn’t lose much in Foreign Exchange. These remarks caused some reactions on Twitter under the #SecurityUg tag as seen below.

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Whether these measures will be implemented and yield the expected results, let’s wait and see.

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