Sheraton Hotels Abuja is elegantly located at Ladi Kwali Street Wuse 1, in the ever bubbly Central Business District in Abuja Metropolis . A look through the main entrance of the hotel will show a 3 star hotel conducting its hospitality activities in the best possible way, with guests thronging in and out of the hotel premises and staff striving to fulfill the needs of its usually high profile guests.


All seems well, just as it seemed to the WakeUpAfrica correspondent who paid a visit to the hotel in Abuja, until one takes a walk towards the end of the first building and second wing of the hotel ,and sees the deplorable state the extension of the hotel is in. The extension which is behind the main hotel building but shares same wall with the main hotel building, is deserted, the windows of rooms in some floors are either broken or simply not there, while the exterior walls have deteriorated and huge broken patches can be seen on the walls.

The place seems dead, with no single activity on the floors, and the deterioration is not hidden, in fact its very conspicuous especially since its facing the major road leading to Memorial District in Central Business District. One wonders why the hotel management would allow the exterior of the hotel to remain in such ruins.

Do you think this speaks well for Sheraton Abuja?

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