Why Senator Abaribe Was Arrested!

Many would recall, that before the Buhari APC led government emerged in 2015, Nigerians, enjoyed an unprecedented level of freedom of expression and freedom of association.

Such that had never been witnessed in the history of the country’s. However, after the current administration assumed office, everything changed. Nigerians were no longer safe and free to criticize the executive arm of government. It must be recalled that, it was because the then President (GEJ) allowed freedom of speech, as it should, under any democracy, hence Nigerians had the opportunity to vehemently criticize his administration!

The same freedom of speech the current President himself enjoyed while in opposition, but now in office, no one dares to criticize him or those around him without being hounded by the law enforcement agencies or labeled with all manner of allegations. Some senators have been allegedly on the same radar, i.e Senator Shehu Sani, Dino Melaye and now Senator Abaribe, to mention but a few.

Let’s start with the most current, Senator Abaribe, the law maker representing Abia – South senotorial district, has been well documented, for being an outstanding and reputable opposition to the current administration. He unveiled the ambiguity and budget padding of the Buhari’s government, both in 2017 and 2018 as could be seen on the video below;

Senator Abaribe exposes budget padding and corruption in the 2017 budget!

He was also critical of the president for his alleged unguarded criticism of Nigeria youths, for allegedly implying that Nigerian youths are lazy and wanting the government to do everything for them. He was also critical of the President’s handling of security matters in the country and his comments about foreign invaders being responsible for the killings of Christians and none Muslims in some parts of Nigeria, which is alleged to be the Presidents comments in England.

Video credit:www.oak.tv – Senator Abaribe calls Buhari incomptent!

The senator categorically stated that the president was incompetent and should no longer be condoned! These statements put him on the radar of the Presidency, hence he has allegedly become a target to be humiliated by the executive.

It’s not surprising, that the Nigerian law enforcement agencies and the military have been powerless without taking any actions to confront the Fulani herdsmen or according to the President “foreign fighters from Libya” but the same are very active when this administration is criticized or thrown to light.

The allegations of supporting a proscribed group and aiding them with arms as many believe, does not fit on this occasion and others too. It is widely believed that the outstanding Senator is being hounded for simply doing his job as a law maker in the Federal Republic and doing it the way it should be done! If the current administration continues on the part of silencing every oppositions by unlawfully detaining them, then by the end of their time in power, Nigeria would have lost the half baked democracy that have already taking so many lives! It will be back to square zero, again.

This is the first of many series of the real reasons for Abaribe’s arrest!! look out for the part two

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