Why senator Abaribe was arrested part 2!!

Senator Abaribe’s arrest, continues to raise dust, whilst questions are still being asked about his arrest, and the actual motive the current administration is hounding all its critics. Some critics have argued that there could be an intent by the Buhari lead government to silence all oppositions and this unfolding pattern appears to confirm that.

The DSS allegedly arrested the law maker for suspicion of sponsoring and supporting a proscribed group. Nonetheless, according to the law makers council, ” his arrest was due to his diligent and unwavering scrutiny of the executive and the president in particular”.

In the country, where the Fulani herdsmen are killing as they wish, tooting AK47 and wasting lives, even the president is not doing anything to stop the herdsmen from the continued barbaric killings. Yet the security agencies are going after people that are only  doing their jobs and expressing their views on the state of the nation.

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Some believe the Senator was arrested to prevent him from attending his court date where he was to urge the court to be discharged from the Kanu’s case, which he was the surety. He was expected to sight the actions of the military as unlawful, irresponsible and argue that the army should be held responsible for Kanu’s disappearance.

Following that it was after they unlawfully invaded his father’s compound days before he was due to appear in court that the IPOB Leaders have not been seen! Prior to that action Nnadi Kanu was visible on daily bases.

Senator abaribes lawyer shades more light on the reasons for his arrest


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The senators lawyer did a very good job during his interview with the press, to narrate the situation and the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the distinguished senator. He further explained that the DSS found nothing incriminating as alleged by the security agency. How could a distinguished senator be arrested on alleged crime for which he is by law still innocent until he is found guilty by means of evidence.

In the absence of any evidence against him, the state security service continued to detain him, in violation of his fundamental human right and denied him access to his lawyer, his wife and physician. The Nigerian state have descended to a lawless state, where both the executive and the state security trample on the court proceedings and court authority! Is anyone safe in the era of Buhari led administration?

The question that every right-thinking Nigerians should be asking should be that; if men in places of authority could be arrested for no justifiable reasons apart from them criticizing the president in the line of their duties, which they have been elected to do, then what would be the faith of an ordinary Nigerian for expressing their views about the current president?

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