Dana Airline in Nigeria has been in the news since 12pm today when a particular message warning people not to fly the airline started circulating. As is usual with online messages, it went viral. Find the unedited message below.

Copied as received.

Pls family and friends my friend who works with DanaAir just asked that we avoid flying Dana Air for now… the pilots who fly the planes believe it’s a disaster waiting to happen…they have complained and narrowly escaped crashes in the past week…but these Indians no dey hear…this was in confidence but please my fam just use other Airlines for now…better safe than sorry…some of the airline pilots believe that some of the planes should be grounded until further notice.

However, in a swift response, DANA Air, also sent out a press release via its media channels, debunking the story and stating that the company and airline has contributed immensely to the economy of Nigeria. Find their response below.

Dana Air Clears Air on Malicious WhatsApp Message

Our attention has been drawn to two false and malicious broadcast messages circulating on WhatsApp  requesting the public not to fly with Dana Air and another message urging Nigerians not to buy a ‘’Dana’’ branded rice that arrived the country from Pakistan and did not pass Health standard because it brings a virus  only seen in pakistan.’’

While we would ordinarily not want to dignify the perpetrators and their paymasters with a response, we felt the need to unearth their puerile, senseless and deliberate act of peddling two false broadcast messages about a single brand in one day. It is either their pay master is so clueless to have advised them to circulate both messages in one day or the perpetrators decided to be overzealous

For the records, the Dana brand has been in Nigeria for over 45 years contributing positively to the Nigerian  economy with quality products in the areas of Aviation, Steel, Manufacturing, Automobile, Banking, Real Estate, Health, and Beverage, just to mention a few.

The Dana Group being a proudly Nigerian brand committed to the growth of the economy and development of the country stopped the importation of rice in 2015 in line with the desires and commitment of both the outgoing and incoming administrations to grow local capacity for quality rice production in Nigeria.

Dana Air on its part has been battling and navigating these mischief-makers since inception in 2008, when the airline took the industry by storm by offering pocket-friendly fares, on-time departures, world-class in-flight service and above all, safe and reliable air transport, which the flying public never felt was possible at the time.

The peddlers  of this baseless broadcast message  have also refused to come to terms with Dana Air’s towering status in the industry having flown over 2.7 million passengers in the last 9 years of its operation, with a creative, passionate and dogged management team that have seen the airline survive even the worst operational challenges in the industry.

We therefore wish to reassure our teeming guests that their safety and comfort remains top-priority to us at Dana Air and our unwavering adherence to civil aviation regulations and global best practices are the reasons for our latest consecutive international recognition’s.

We advise the perpetrators to desist from this evil act of working at cross-purposes with a conglomerate that has shown massive commitment and contributed immensely to the growth and development of our country, by providing jobs for our youths, supporting worthy causes with its broad CSR initiatives and production of quality products which can compete with global brands and for the well-being of Nigerians.

Kingsley Ezenwa

Media / Communications Manager

Dana Air

it would be recalled that Dana Air Flight 992 from Abuja to Lagos crashed into a furniture works and printing press in Iju-Ishaga Neighborhood on Sunday 3 June 2012 in Lagos, and killed over 150 people.

Some Nigerians have confirmed the unstable nature of Dana flights, including this reporter, who can never forget her turbulent experience on Dana Airline in June 2016.

Do you think Dana Airline is being truthful? Please share your experiences about the airline

Photo Credit Daily Times Nigeria


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