This is the third in the series which WakeUpAfrica360 has been writing on the real reasons why Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe was arrested. It would be recalled that the DSS arrested him and kept him incommunicado for 4 days, however due to the huge outcry by Nigerians, they were forced to charge him to court on a Tuesday, 4 days after his arrest. Below is a transcript reported by Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia, on what transpired in the Justice Binta Nyako court where the senator was arraigned.

*Senator Abaribe in Court today :*

*Counsel to Abaribe :*My lordship my client was arrested by DSS and had been held incommunicado till today .

* Justice Nyako :* I did not make any order for his arrest .

*Counsel :* He was arrested days ago and brought to this court from DSS custody .

*Justice Nyako :*You should know what to do if the man was arrested without court directive .

*Counsel :* My Lord the content of the search warrant that they brought to his (Sen Abaribe’s) house for search relates to this matter ( Nnamdi Kanu ) of which is under your court .

*Justice Nyako :* DSS is not an extension of this court . I did not make any order for the arrest of the surety and I don’t also know why he was arrested. Those that did so should know why they did as such .

*Counsel :* My Lord , my client was to be in court today only for the agents of the state to arrest him and have kept him incommunicado for days . My Lord we are talking about a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

*Justice Nyako :* You know what to do in a situation like this !

*Counsel :* Even where he has been incommunicado my Lord?.

Justice Nyako : *Who brought Sen Abaribe to Court ?

*DSS Personnel :* We did my Lord .

*Justice Nyako :* Allow him access to his counsel . For whatever reasons you arrested him, please allow him access to a lawyer of his choice .

*DSS Personnel :* Okay My Lord .


*Outside the courtroom :*

As Senator Abaribe stepped out of the Courtroom , there were over 50 journalists with various cameras waiting for him to address them.

*How Trouble started :*
The moment reporters rushed to interview Senator Abaribe, DSS personnel insisted that he must not talk.

*The Crowd of Journalists started shouting :*Allow him to address the press!! It is his right!!! He must talk to us!!! You can’t stop him from talking to the press!!! Etc .

Then, crowd erupted into singing *”Freedom Come ooo by Struggle ooo, Freedom Come, by Struggle by Struggle, freedom Come…!!*

As tension was building up, DSS men smuggled Senator Abaribe back to the Court to allow tension die down.

One thing to note here, is that he was not in Court as a result of an arraignment for any fresh allegation or case but was in Court based on the ongoing matter previously postponed to this date by Justice Nyako, on a pending case involving Nnamdi Kanu .He was to come to Court from his house and not from any custody!

The question then becomes ….why the deliberate arrest and harassment of a Senator for obviously no reasons whatsoever


Me : It is now obvious that he was arrested not based on any court directives . We are losing it!
You picked a serving Senator like a common criminal and kept him incommunicado because of his outspokenness . I pity those clapping for this inept team that keep over heating the polity !


It is reported that Senator Abaribe has been released by DSS now .


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2018
Abuja , Nigeria


Dear Nigerians, is it now a crime to be openly critical of this present administration?

What do you think of this series?

Photo Credit Premium Times

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