Whoever called Nigeria youths’ lazy must have indeed only met the small section of the downtrodden and unambitious youths in Nigeria. He must not have come across geniuses the likes of the Ejikeme P Nwosu, Founder of REYOM (Reformed Youth Movement). The young man who believes in the youth of Nigeria and insists that they have the capacity to lead if given a chance has been at the forefront of this campaign, voicing out his ideals and gathering a lump sum of very brilliant, talented and successful youths as members of REYOM. WakeUpAfrica360 caught up with Ejike in Abuja and he shared some of the activities of REYOM and way forward for the movement, enjoy………

The man Ejikeme Nwosu.

Ejikeme Patrick Nwosu was born on February 4, 1983, in Awka Anambra State. He is a Nigerian scientist, who holds an invention patent right of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for his research work on conversion of urine into flammable gases. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Pure and Industrial Chemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in 2005 and a Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Ibadan in 2010, Ejike has achieved a lot of success in scientific research and published articles on it. Chief among them are Isolation of Ammonia from human urine and Special theory of inorganic chemical reactions, which he completed as an undergraduate and their abstracts were published by the American Chemical Society Book of Abstracts in 2005. And in 2011, Nwosu published a paper titled “Special Theory of Toxicity: Toxic Properties of Electron Discovered”. According to this work single electrons and lone pairs are the major contributors to toxicity in elements and compounds. Atoxopy was also introduced in the said paper to treat some special cases of toxicity. His coined chemistry term, atoxopy, has been translated in Italian, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese and other languages, while the pronunciation is also available on YouTube.


  1. Can we get a history of how you started activism?

I have been an advocate for equal right and Justice from a very young age. I always do my best to ensure that the right things are done all the time; it started from home, places of work, place of worship and anywhere I find myself. I believe in the principle of speaking the truth even when your voice is shaking, I believe in standing by the truth even if it means standing alone.

  1. Tell us about REYOM and how the vision was birthed?

REYOM stands for Reformed Youth Movement of Nigeria. It is a peaceful, democratic, non-violent movement that aims to bring Nigerian Youths together in unity and peaceful coexistence. REYOM believes that the youths that constitutes the largest portion of the population are not carried along by the government, so we encourage our members to be part of what is going on in the country and if possible, seek for elective offices. We also encourage Reformation, patriotism and truism among our members because only reformed youths can guarantee a better future for the country. The desire to empower our youths, promote peaceful coexistence and equity is one of the reasons that fueled the birthing of our great movement, REYOM.


  1. How has the journey with REYOM being so far?

It has been rough but we won’t be deterred because no amount of efforts made to salvage our motherland is a waste.

  1. What also are the grey areas?

One of our major challenges is bringing our youths together irrespective of their religion and tribal inclinations, but we are achieving some marked successes. Again, it is very difficult to preach patriotism to the younger generation when they see the older ones squandering the treasury of this nation, and that we are also addressing.

  1. What are the structures put in place to help REYOM succeed as a platform that encourages youth participation in politics?

We have leaders/coordinators across the states of the nation, even down to some local government chapters and in the diaspora. We also hold regular online meetings and less frequent offline meetings where major issues are addressed and strategies adopted and enforced. We have various media channels where our programmes are promoted, we also organize events (like football tournaments) to create awareness and to address the teeming young population.


  1. Honestly say what chances the youth has regarding the forthcoming 2019 elections?

The chances may not be much judging by the cost implications of seeking for elective offices in a party that has a good structure. Nevertheless, by the time the major actors of youths aspirants and promoters come together to form a common front, it will be obvious that a credible and vibrant younger persons will be piloting the affairs of this nation come 2019.

  1. Do you have political ambitions or sponsoring any candidate?

No I don’t. But in 2019, I can only cast ballot for credible and vibrant young persons.

  1. The Nigerian political system is not favorable to young aspirants, how are you and your movement changing that narrative?

By massive advocacy and media propagation. We are already doing that. We love and respect our elders but the strength of the youth is also needed to produce better results. Even the Holy Bible says that, ‘the young shall see visions while the old shall dream dreams’. Nigeria needs more visionaries than dreamers.

  1. What’s next for you and also for REYOM?

We are peaceful, non-partisan, non-religious and patriotic movement that believes fully in the supremacy of the Nigerian constitution. We will stick to that. Thank you very much.

Photo Credit Ejike Nwosu

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