Cows, the new number one citizens in Nigeria!

“The platue State killings is in retaliation for 300 cows that was killed in that state” Allegedly, according to the head of a faction of the Fulani herdsmen association. (Miyetti Allah)

Kill a cow in Nigeria and risk a total wipe out of your entire community and if you are expecting the Nigeria army, nor the Law enforcement agencies in the country to save you or expecting them to dare confront the barbaric killers! Well, you may have to wait forever!!!

That is the state of the nation today, the same also, infuses the growing narratives, which suggests that Cows, in the Nigeria of today, are the most valued citizens under the current APC government, lead by president Buhari.

Every day in Nigeria, reports of killings and loss of lives have regrettably become an everyday phenomenon. Lives and properties lost in numbers and barbarically for that matter. Some have argued, that the elements, protecting and supporting these barbarians, are in the corridors of power. If not, they have argued, why then is it difficult for the Nigeria armed forces to confront these killers, popularly referred to as ” Fulani herdsmen”

Despite the public outrage, the said killings have continued unchecked by the agencies, whose responsibility it is to protect lives and properties of citizens, including the Nigeria army. The army have also been accused of colluding with the armed bandits that is believed to be responsible for these barbaric killings!

The unexplainable lack of action by the military, which in September of 2017 did the python dancing exercise that took the lives of innocent civilians in the south eastern Nigeria, is worrying. These confirmed the concerns many have, about the security architecture of the present government.

It would appear that from top to bottom of the presidents security chiefs, are either from the North or Muslims. How could Mr President, some argue, not have been reminded that Nigeria is a Multinational, Ethnic and Religious diverse country.

It may be recalled that this President in his inaugural speech, declared how he belongs to no body. This was a concern harboured by well meaning Nigerians. Most argued that, how can a president that is quoted as saying, he belongs to no one, now believed to be exhibiting a very high level of nepotistic and insensitivity to matters of this nature, in a country of many nations like Nigeria.

It is already the thought of many around the country, in regards to the said barbaric nature of the Fulani herdsmen killings. They argue that, had the security architecture of the country been reflective of the diversity that exists and had it been taken into account during the selection of the security personnel under this government, the Fulani herdsmen issues would not have been allowed to spiral out of hand.

The reasoning as it would appear, is that, had the security personnel been diverse, the Fulani herdsmen would not have been killing with such impunity, and the security personnel from those part of the country watch their own people die in the hand of the said herdsmen. Nonetheless, while they ( Fulani herdsmen) are busy conducting their killings unchecked, the DSS are very active arresting and incarcerating any one that lends their voice, to the nepotistic nature of the Buhari’s government.

The question that remains unanswered in the mind of all well meaning Nigerians is this;

  1. Why is the government not doing anything to stop the herdsmen continued killing of Nigerians?
  2. Why have they been allowed to continue on the killings and rampaging of many communities?
  3. Even after the president stated that the herdsmen are foreign invaders, why has the Nigeria army not confronted the said foreign invaders that are killing Nigerians under the watch of Buhari!!
  4. Foreign invaders, killing Nigerians, taking over their lands and properties and the army remains mute and powerless???

It can not be a coincidence that those, whose job it is to protect the country has allowed this killings to continue, under their watch. Agencies, whose primary responsibilities are supposed to be protecting lives and properties of Nigerians.

Are there really any excuses to be made for them, it must be said that they must all be arraigned before the court of law, however long it takes, to answer for the “deliberate negligence of their core responsibilities and duty”!

It is worth reminding Mr President of his hasty action and broadcast against a none armed and none violent separatist group (IPOB).

Video credit: Channels TV

The Nigerian army and the law enforcement agencies appear powerless to confront this menace. Some argue that the President is in support of the Fulani herders, hence there have not been a national address on these killings by the president, considering the gravity and the accompanied killings of innocent citizens!

The army have also been accused of colluding with the herdsmen to kill Nigerians. This was from a retired high ranking military officer in Nigeria. Gen TY Danjuma, and he advised Nigerians to rise and protect themselves from these barbaric killings since the government have failed in its primary duty, to protect citizens.

The government have only once since the present administration came into power, exercised its military might and that was during the (IPOB) secessionist groups demand for a Referendum.

It would be recalled that the said group bore no arms and had not taken any life, yet the government descended on them for exercising their human rights, for which they are entitled to whatever your position on their approach is, we agree or not.

That exercise took the lives of so many innocent people. But why has the same government chosen not to act amidst real threats to the lives and properties of the citizens of Nigeria?

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