The UK House of Lords lends their voices to the killings in Nigeria!

While this killings are on going and most Nigerians prefer to be quiet about it, for fear of being arrested by the DSS. All over the world people of conscience are weighing into the systematic killings of none Hausas and none Muslims, especially in the middle belt part of the country.

Stop Fulani herdsmen Terrorists now before they stop the existence of Nigeria!!!

These killings have gone unchecked, by the government of the day, which fits the narrative, that the presidents inaction, is indicative of his position and his approval of this barbaric actions of the well armed Fulani herdsmen.

Some have described the actions of the Terrorist herders as ethnic cleansing and religious motivated action. While the media in Nigeria continues to describe these killings of Christians and none Hausas as Fulani herdsmen / farmers clash. One may wonder if that description still fits.

There may have been a historical existence of herders v farmers disputes. But in the light of the current phenomenon, it would be unfair to the victims and communities that are being killed and their lands taken over for ethnic and religious reasons to be misrepresented by the mainstream media in the country. Farmers and herdsmen clashes no longer fits and must be giving the rightful description to better portray the situation and the ordeals of those being killed barbarically.

Nigerians must learn to stand up against any government that is unfair to anyone or any people in the country, because if it’s not you or your people today, it may be tomorrow. The current government have by their inaction demonstrated that it does not have the interest of the entire people of the country but some sections, tribes and religious views.

Nigerians, must learn to stand up to condemn any government with nepotistic tendencies, these types of government is not good by any means of imagination for a country like Nigeria!

To deliberately allow a tribe or Religious group to kill other people with impunity while the army and law enforcement agencies watch, is criminal which must be checked no matter how long it takes.

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