So the Buhari administration, a government which swears it is fighting corruption and reducing waste in every way possible, has been kind enough to present its election budget ahead of the 2019 elections. And guess what! The election will cost a whopping #242 Billion Naira.

Oh yes! throwback to 2015, President Jonathan spent #93 Billion on the elections and was called all kinds of names.

Now ‘Mr Integrity’ himself, our able President Buhari presented a budget twice higher than the amount used in 2015, to NASS for approval. Needless to say this request has caused a huge uproar, as Nigerians cant understand the manner of elections the APC government intends to have with such amount of money.

We wait to see if the NASS would approve such outrageous budget.

Do you think #242 Billion is justified to use for just an election?

Photo Credit Twitter




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