Chioma Omeruah aka Chigurl, took the entertainment industry by storm with her IG song which went viral few years ago. Known as a very talented Comedienne, Music Artiste, Actor, TV Anchor, Chigurl can be safely called a bundle of talents, who serenades our screens with laughter, music etc. However, we saw another side of Chigurl when she shared the story of her failed marriage on Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King Women’ series on TV in 2017. It was a most touching and vulnerable moment for the actor who also let viewers into the deep secrets of her life. So sighting her as a panelist at the BBC Igbo discuss on ‘High Bride Price in Ibo Land’ WakeUpAfrica cornered Chigurl in the midst of serious photo ops with her fans for a brief chat. You would be surprised at Chigurl’s thoughts about remarrying……

Okay today we talked about an issue that has been really topical in Ibo land. What’s your real perspective about the topic, asides from being a panellist?

Honestly at the end of the day, what’s important is two people getting married. A lot of times we spend our energy on things that don’t matter, I know that we must sort of embrace our culture, there is nothing wrong with that. But I feel like sometimes it goes a little bit to the left, when people start to become greedy and seek other things apart from the normal Omenala. There’s Omenala and then there is pushing it, you know what I mean. You can’t task a young couple who are just starting life, it doesn’t matter how much you think they have. But they are just starting life and that’s what we must remember. They are just starting life, and even as Ndi Umunna, as the community, we should be helping them start their life because as Umunna, you take what you want and you go away. These couple go their way, they have troubles later, and do they come to Umunna to say ‘help me pay my child’s school fees’? No, so think about those things and I think that because of the hardship of these times, it makes people want to think before they take such steps. But even you as a couple, who have decided to get married, it’s you people that are inside it, if you can you can, and if you can’t you cant. And what you can do you do. And if it’s acceptable to the parents, anybody that does not like it should walk.

As a female, do you agree that a woman should support her fiancé financially to pay her dowry assuming he is not able to bear such costs at the time?

Of course, because we are in this together. As we start, we shall finish it and it’s not bad to do it together.

As a celebrity, how would you put your voice out concerning this issue because people listen to you and can form their opinions, start talking about it and it becomes a good conversation? What do you intend to do to put your voice out and support this?

My point is ‘cut your coat according to your material and not even by the size’. So you know what lies ahead for you. And then you plan, if you plan, you will be alright.

So any plans of remarrying anytime soon?

Ah no, no! (laughs)

Photo Credit WakeUpAfrica

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