These are not good times for the Deputy Governor of Imo State Eze Madumere, because he was finally impeached by 19 out of the 27 Imo State House of Assembly members yesterday in Owerri amidst high security presence. The Deputy Governor had been facing allegations of gross misconduct by a 7 man panel, and was almost impeached early in July save for the massive protests that citizens and workers in Owerri did, which saved his neck at that time.


Eze Madumere

However, it would seem that those who are determined to see Madumere lose his job, didn’t rest on tier oars, instead they intensified their plans, and yesterday July 30th he was finally impeached. Mr Madumere through his lawyer Ken Njemanze, has sought for and got a restraining order from a high court judge Benjamin Iheka. It is yet to determine if the said restraining order was served at same time as Madumere’ impeachment, because the court had fixed an accelerated hearing of the case by August 13.

Sources who should know have pointed accusing fingers at the Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha, as being the brain behind Madumere’s impeachment as the two leaders have been having political scuffles for a while. There are also rumors that Okorocha has intentions of swapping his son in law as Governor of the state come 2019, while Madumere is also interested in the gubernatorial position.

What can you say about the impeachment of the Deputy Governor?

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