Nigeria is over ripe for good leadership, by this we mean individuals who are passionate about good leadership and also creating systems that would work for the benefit of all. And to achieve this we need seasoned leadership professionals, who have excelled in the area of leadership with a rich pedigree to back up their ambition.


Which is why Imo State indigenes should count themselves lucky that a man, a man in the caliber Dr Linus Okorie, has decided to come out and handle the mantle of leadership in Imo State. Linus, a public leadership and corporate governance icon, with over 20 years’ experience and has gained global recognition is also the founder of GOTNI, a leadership capital development organisation that has trained, coached and mentored leadership professionals both in public and private sectors across the world.


Linus Okorie is a consummate leader of men, a man of honour, a nation builder, resource mobilizer and a leading scholar in the growth and development of nations. He has received several local and international awards of his dynamic efforts in business, leadership development, community service and good governance advocacy such as the Best of Africa Award by the USafrica magazine, Houston Texas, Fraserenet International USA and many more. He is also the founder of Imo Nkeanyi Movement, a socio-political movement filled with Imo State technocrats and professionals, with a desire to end the continuous economic empowerment of a few while majority of Ndi Imo are in abject poverty. The central ideology of Imo Nkeanyi is to foster a sense of belonging and a collective ownership of the resources, and wealth that belongs to Imo State.


Imo Nkeanyi is structured to have branches and chapters in every major state of the country and currently has branches in Imo, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, and Rivers State. Imo Nkeanyi is also operational in major cities of the world like New Jersey, New York, Dallas, Houston, Pretoria, Valencia, Madrid, Hamburg, Zurich, Geneva, Dubai etc. It’s an ongoing process with the intention to have Imo Nkeanyi in every city in the US and every country in the world where Imo State indigenes are resident.


Linus is a passionate and devoted Christian who hails from UmuEzike-Egbu, Egbuoma in Oguta Local Government area in Imo State. He is married to Nkiru with whom he has two daughters, Ebubechukwu, Chimamaka and a son Chukwuebuka.


With such a high profile individual coming out to vie for Imo State governorship, Imo Indigenes would be wise to team up behind him and vote for the man whose vision is to turn Imo State to a world class state, filled with endless possibilities.

Photo Credit GOTNI


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